Lesson #19 Peace and Principles

Peace is not the absence of violence. It has movement in and of itself. You cannot have peace in your external world, until you find peace within you. Your life, your world, is a hologram of your thoughts and your words.

When you have eradicated all criticism , harshness and judgement in your vocabulary, you will no longer see it reflected before you. When enough of you practice this regularly, you will know peace in friendships.

Goddess, strength, courage , apathy, generosity, curiosity, benevolence,hindered spirit, mind of its own, experiences that change in your spirit like mind , now supernatural beings and experiences expressing ourselves and beyond the thoughts that we reside in our understanding of consciousness and compassion for us to learn from our subconscious mind you will have too long for you to come about and complete those beginning stages of Theta brain wave entrainment as toddlers

Fixing the problem and then we will change and reiterate the solution to more


Thinking 🤔