Lesson #17 – you create your own problems

You create your own problems, you see, every single problem or obstacle you’ve ever seen is your conception. When you fear, you create situations in which to fear.

When you are angry , you create violence. When you are resentful, you create sickness for your whole body vehicle. When you have no doubt, you interfere with your souls purpose to remember it’s true nature- love.

When you ask how you got into your own way, this is it. We are not saying not to have these emotions, bottling inside will only serve to not get into your own way. We are saying to acknowledge that those feelings are there. To choose, a new feeling rapidly before these emotions change dimensions and attract a less than positive result.

For instance, you awake with a neck ache; perhaps you slept all night in one position that was conducive to a pain free existence. It happens in your sense reality. Notice it, perhaps rub it and change your schedule that day; to allow for rest and relaxation.

Maybe receive a massage or do something stretching and then move on the following day , to a pain free existence.

Alternatively, you could wake up and tell yourself how awful it was that you woke up with neck pain. You could cause a lot of suffering by choosing thoughts that back up why your life sucks; and is filled with pain.

You might get a stub your toe, thereby justifying, these thoughts. The sink may not work now because you are creating a filter of “my life is full of pain and suffering.” Rather than, my neck hurts today , and “therefore, I will take better care of myself today.”


Laura Zukerman

Owner and Founder At The Goddess Bibles A Memoir By Laura Zukerman

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