Lesson #16 Compare and Contrast

When you focus on that which you don’t like, in yourself or in another situation; you create more or it. We all live in a positive , creation based universe that knows no lack. Up until now you have chosen to learn in this dense reality from contrasts. They very opposite of what you wanted.

You had to know fear, before you knew peace. You had to know violence before you knew peace. You had to know hate before you knew peace. And yet, all of these contrasting emotions led you to one conclusion Inner and outer peace.

And so, why would you keep on learning through contrast? You’ve been told all there is, to just ” get used to it.” This is because it would always be a part of your reality.

And we are here to say, that this is old news. Stop creating contrast, learn your lessons. Affirm and bring in vibrations that you are filled with integrity, generosity, courage and compassion. You will no longer have to learn the hard way.

Many of you wish to remember that your past life times. We say that it is all in the past. What would you when learned from those lifetimes?

Please write down all the qualities you hope your soul has learned by now, after all these lifetimes. It’s time to stop flunking out and graduate into new ways of beings that are hoped based and (higher beings.)

To do otherwise is to stay mired in unhappiness and misery. We are here to teach you how not to be that way. It is time to rise and ignite your enthusiasm for this adventure! Rise up!


Laura Zukerman

Owner And Founder At The Goddess Bibles A Memoir By Laura Zukerman

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