Lesson #15 Part of your Soul- happy June 1st!

Now you understand that all occurrences, and experiences are happening simultaneously , you may comprehend that it your soul is unearthed; and a part of spirit, that spirit is unlimited and can be in more than one body. It can also be at more than one place then one time. A part of your soul may already very well be at the way station and even beyond.

If you can know this as your truth , really know and understand this wisdom. You may now create a magnetic vibration, that syncs up to your highest self in the way station and beyond. A dimensional space where you may manifest at will, heal your souls past life traumatic events and learn from them.

Moving on to a dimension that knows no fears or desires. Where we reside; there is only peace and bliss. And as you learn to float around in this space, without creating problems and dramas for yourself. You will radiate a peace and understanding that is contagious.

It is the most peaceful contagion that we encourage. The only reason is that you do not reside is this blissful peace and calm, is that you believe you are not worthy of such great love.

Please remember , you are made up of such unconditional love; you are born from it and in to it. It is who you are through all levels, all dimensions and all life times. Affirm it, until you live from it. Anyone in your life who has ever told you differently, is telling a lie. They are then, projecting their beliefs systems on you from a flawed premise.

If your parents, teachers or your siblings , or boss ever told you something that caused you to believe that you were less than perfect , it is only because they themselves felt less than.

Everything is a projection, your world is a hologram. What you are is a mere reflection of your souls mirror. How do you change that image? Tell yourself the truth everyday until it sinks in. You are indeed divine source energy, inhabiting form. You and everyone else on your planet.

Those who have died and left their body vehicle are now divine source energy, not inhabiting a form. That is the only difference. Stop on the outer form. Rather, the truth of your inner substance. That’s where it happens.


Laura Zukerman

Owner and Founder At The Goddess Bibles A Memoir By Laura Zukerman

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