Lesson # 9 View life as it comes

So many of you rush through your lives. Inhaling each experience as if it were your last. Since you view life as limited, it presents itself to you in this way. If you were to view life as we see it, a great continuum of externality; you might learn to savor each and every adventure and lesson in your dimension.

Knowing that their is much, much more out there, stop checking things off on your “bucket list.” There is no bucket. You have experienced many, many lifetimes and gone through so many lessons! Now, it’s time to savor each moment. Even the very ones you now deem mundane.

Being alive is special, it is unique , in its level of density. Your life, your world; is the clay, and you are the artist. Play with it, sculpt it, smooth it over, or start over. You can do with it as you will.

Imagine, a piece of chocolate, slowly melting in your mouth if you were hungry; you might swallow it nearly whole, without enjoyment of the varying tastes. If you were full and satisfied with it , you might take your time with it.

Feeling it roll over your tongue, perhaps, even closing your eyes to heighten your tasting senses. In this way, from a state of fulfillment and the wisdom and knowledge that your soul is eternal, slow down and enjoy your beautiful moments.

If you find that you are always in a rush, and your current choices reflect this hurried state; make some changes. Now, you won’t regret it. Things may “speed up” where we reside, but; we are in a constant center where there is complete and utter peace.


Laura Zukerman

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