Lesson #4 syncing up frequencies

There are going to be times in your process of lifting your vibration and building energy, when you will surpass those around you. These entities could have at some point in time shared with you, a similar vibration.

Think of it as your cells, and the very atoms inside of those cells, bouncing around faster. Your cells, while more vibrant , are no longer a match for those you’ve grown to love, and that’s okay.

Perhaps, being in your midst , they may also get a “higher” charge. All that bounding around may irritate them, as they resist to a higher vibration. That is not your process or problem. Your only journey, is to repeat things daily, mantras , affirmations, meditation , yoga and other practices.

Lift your own vibration a little more each day, rise, amplify , ignite and expand! Imagine your mind is like a blue tooth. This is a good visual at this moment in time m, yes?

Go ahead and picture your electronic devices beeping and lighting up , or whatever it is they do by the time your reading this. 😂 Tell your mind to sync up with those closest to you. It won’t work if they are strongly resistant to change. Also, if they are too far apart from you. But, it will work if you two are just a little I’m”off.”

If you find , you no longer resonate with another soul; please make a conscious effort to let go of this person. Allow them to live out their existence. Trust, that soon you will attract new souls to interact, from a psychological prospective, it is scientifically proven that people who detach from the ones they were formerly with; will then, find the right people to match their compatibility.

You may feel lonesome in the process. Loneliness is revealed or relived (contradictory)when you attract those who understand your vibe because they are “there already.”

There are 7 billion of you at this time, experiencing the same planet, with widely variables of knowing quit anything really. Be with those who frequency you match. You will engage in a more harmonious existence.

Try syncing up as an experiment, whether it is with a spouse , a partner a friend or a child. Right down the results so you remember. In this way, you may sync up one soul; at a time, until the point where you are all lifted and engaged.


Laura Zukerman

Owner and Founder At The Goddess Bibles A Memoir By Laura Zukerman

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