Lesson #3 Raising your consciousness

Raising your consciousness, we came to you during this period of time and space, that has become a vast playground, or as many see it; a battle ground of contrast.

Yet, we would like to remind you, that this world of yours is an illusion. All of it! It’s a figment if your imagination. Your creating your life story, much of it as you go.

Many of you are fighting right now over the American political system, which you created. Your political representatives serve as a mirror, for all of your collective ideals and values.

We can hear you saying right now that they are not your ideals and values, and yet the opposite would be true, or they wouldn’t be showing up in “people form.” Everything before you is your own manifestation.

If there are those you see in a place of “power,” who are symbolizing lower vibratory states of consciousness; such as hate and greed, you must ask yourself some questions. Firstly , where are you experiencing and expressing these denser egoic emotions in your life?

If everything is spirit, and that is a prerequisite belief for what we are teaching you, then what are you experiencing and expressing; as an individual soul. Spirit is showing up for you to heal and learn from. Do not throw a temper tantrum like a small child. This isn’t about that. It is about seeing the lower emotion and learning to transform, rapidly. Before, it gains momentum.

As we have taught previously, when you watch the news ; do you feel uplifted and empowered? Or, do you feel dejected and powerless? When you listen to angry music, ask yourself how you feel afterwards.

On a scale of 1-10, much like they use in many hospitals; how would you rate your current level of consciousness? How does it change, before and after your choices of what you watch, what you listen , and most importantly what you feed your body and soul. Would your stick figure face be smiling and joyous, or angry and filled with anguish.

How would you lift your current level of consciousness? Perhaps to just the next level up? Write down some examples of things, food, people , songs and places that make you feel good. Incorporate them into your life this week. Then write down how you felt before and afterward.

Keep a log or this. Soon, you will be making better choices. As you make better choices, so will those around you; and as you radiate love, peace and happiness, these emotions and values will spread like a positive contagion.

Eventually, as more and more of you wake up to your inherent being and oneness; to the power by which you can transform humanity. Ideals, by uplifting, your own internal awareness. The more your people in places of power will mirror the same.

Eventually , you will no longer need individuals in places and seats of “Power” for you will all realize your inherent power. Do you think we elect souls? That went away a long, long time ago. Along with our need to reincarnate into new bodies.


Laura Zukerman

Owner and Founder At The Goddess Bibles A Memoir By Laura Zukerman

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