Lesson #2 “Lessons for an Urban Goddess” by Laney Demasi- is a must read

Lesson #2- peace challenge, we understand the challenge of existing and creating; and yes thriving. In such a dense environment such as possibly your own. And yet, at a deeper level, you choose it; in order to overcome your perceived obstacles.

One of your most amazing tools could technically be called a “super power.” This is something that you have all been given inside your bodies. To have the ability to, think with your mind and have those thoughts turn into reality.

Again, we know you know this by now; so I’d/ we would like you to take a step further today, in an effort to “speed up” world peace. We know it is something that you are keenly aware of. Due, to the contrast of rampant violence in your news, and in your mind.

Today we would like to challenge you to “keep the ✌️ peace.” We do not mean this as in keeping your mouth shut, as the phrase is often referred. To see , watch and witness; how long you can go without having a negative, critical or violent thought against yourself or others.

You could be going along with your day, and all of a sudden; an ugly thought from your past surfaces, an angry lyric or a judgement on another. Do not get mad at yourself when this happens. That would defeat the purpose of the exercise.

Rather, time how long you can go, before one of these thoughts surfaces. Log it, by writing it down. See, if by your simple, loving awareness, you can allow more and more time, to go between such thoughts that bring down your vibration.

As the thoughts arise, acknowledge them, and just rapidly wipe it away. Know that it is an illusion. Share this experience with others, and soon, you will notice an energetic difference in your intimate circles.

When this happens, you are creating a “stirring of the force.” This is something others can feel across the world. Even across the universe. In these small triumphs, you first learn, then you teach!


Laura Zukerman

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