Our Identities/ awareness and Appreciation!

Our identities are going to be changing our natural identity. National identity, cultural identity and the acquirement of a global identity. When you feel at one with existence, you have the experience of transcendence.

The consciousness, that is at the heart of all creation. When you experience, that there are no problems, there are no needs for solutions. Every child that is born, is born of pure awareness. At this level, you are part of the evolutionary stream of the universe. Every moment , is the proof of pure awareness. Evolutionary, creative streams, of the universe is created at this level.

“You must have chaos within you, to awaken, a dancing star.” – Deepak Chopra

War, is the failure of our creativity. It is not something that a human being wants to do. It causes a lot of trauma to participate in that. You have to demonize them, to kill them. Everyone needs treatment. Normal, is the psychosis of the collective mind right now. Unless we recognize , that it is not normal. It’s the psycho, pathology of the average. Our veterans, need mindful, meditation programs. They sacrifice a lot, for making us feel safe. Then problem, is much bigger then to us systematically.

There are 7 levels of awareness, meet these people at the level of awareness, they are at. With great compassion, you can move them into, a new higher level of awareness.

Ageless body/ timeless mind- created by deepak chopra, ageless body; extends to the body of the universe. It is ageless and evolving. Timeless mind, means timeless. There are 15 biological markers of aging.

Vulnerability, you build up a shield to avoid pain, otherwise it hurts. When you lower your guard, and allow yourself to be receptive, you trust others.

What is it like to be in your shoes? And, would you help others; and be there for others knowing, that everyone has gone through hard and difficult times. This is usually why, they won’t lower there guards towards others. However, when you do, you help others realize; how amazing their lives can be, as well as your own. Oxytocin and serotonin, are released, when you help others feel good. Say sorry for looking down on others, say sorry if you have wronged someone.

If you travel around this beautiful planet of yours, admiring it and feeling gratitude for it; you wander in appreciation. This will spread your positive vibes, wherever you go, like seedlings. When you decide to shed this body, it will be the easiest transition possible. This will be , because you will already be on the light. Your vibe, will be so close to where we are, it will only be what you call a “hop, skip and a jump,” to where we reside. We can’t wait to meet you at this place!


Laura Zukerman

Owner and Founder At The Goddess Bibles A Memoir By Laura Zukerman

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