Living out a Miserable Existence/ Awareness

If you are living out a miserable existence, a life story that you wrote before you came into being; that included a whole lot of conflict and drama, perhaps going on and on, might seem awful.

As so, the trick is to keep growing into you. Continue leaning into higher emotions. As well as lighter vibrational states. Until, you are manifesting daily, even moment to moment. Manifesting things, yes; but also, experiences and adventures as well as like vibrating people; and creative projects.

Well, the list goes on and on, doesn’t it ? And yet , that doesn’t matter because you don’t have an expiration date. From here, you go manifesting, and from that place of rampant health with wealth, health , love and abundance you give. When you can watch your abundance gleefully return to you tenfold, like I said before, even if it wasn’t your intentions.

spiritual solutions, the most fundamental fact of existence is the existence of space or time of gravity; it is are awareness, that exists without the awareness; it wouldn’t matter that it existed. When you come into this world, you come into this world; with an awareness, and that awareness soon unfolds.

There is the known, through are awareness. There is the unknown, that we become aware of; somewhat, but are still trying to find out. Then, there is the unknowable, which expands as well.

Contracted awareness, comes from the experience of fear and being separate, from the ecosystem. The web of relationships, that support and form life. The tree of enlightenment. Buddha, saw that tree and rainbow , water, sunshine and air; and the whole history of the universe in that tree. He realized that tree, was the universe of the tree. Buddha’s enlightenment, was that , the whole universe, was that tree. That nothing exists by itself; awakened by every atom. Every molecule, every biological organism; was a total conspiracy from the beginning of time.

All problems surface, in contracted awareness. All financial problems, all relationship issues, well being and health, the problem itself is because of contracted awareness.

Personal or collective awareness, eco destruction, social injustice, the problems arise in these awarenesses. Expanded awareness, is the awareness, when you fell in love. A mother Theresa, who experiences compassion, empathy, joy, and understanding. In that expanded awareness, is a new intuition. New creative impulse, new context; new stories, they emerge in expanded awareness. They are relaxed, in this state of awareness.

Intuition, is not an extraordinary intuitive ability, it is a type of intelligence, that does not have a win or lose orientation. It goes around, rational thinking. The best way to get rid of your enemy, is not by hating your enemy; but, by wishing your enemy well.


Laura Zukerman

Owner and Founder At The Goddess Bibles A Memoir By Laura Zukerman

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