Ignorance is Bliss, Right? Rise up against all odds! Anger is your demon.

It’s a place of combination of poverty and ignorance that creates violence and madness. When you can spread your new found , overflowing abundance with those around the world; you will create well being for all. Also, a much safer space for yourselves, as we finish our days here. Generosity and tolerance creates peace and joy.

Some of the happiest people in the world come from a village mentality, you see it’s all a matter of perception. Wealthy vs poor, it is all the same. Many, will call this too idealistic, but; that is how you began. That is how you are going to transcend this world.

A space without borders, where everyone knows their inherent freedom and lack of limitation, is heaven on earth. Your current way station, can become your present reality. If you let it, if you envision what you want for yourself. Make it a rapid reality, then; spread your intention toward another. It can happen in your lifetime, that is why we are here. It is time for you to know this.

Along the way, you are gaining momentum in manifestation. You are giving and receiving, you will become much like a river. Your currents of energy will ebb and flow. What might stop the free flowing energy vibration, that you long to flow with ; and not against, are a few strong emotions, that dam up your river.

Jealousy is one of these, you know it when you feel it. It feels almost sticky, as if you can’t wipe it off. If you are feeling it towards someone, catch yourself. Turn it around into inspiration as quickly as possible. That other person is demonstrating to you, what you have to do and be. Thank them internally, or externally; for showing up as a reminder, of what you can “vibe up” too. Then visualize yourself having, doing or experiencing the same better.

If your on the other end of the jealousy, please remind yourself that there are still many millions of young souls, on your planet, who are still in the process of having a spiritual evolution. They have no idea what you are learning. Be patient with them, yet set boundaries, if; they attempt to use their words or actions to bring you down to there level out of fear and insecurity, let go of it.

They represent, the yolk of an egg. Remember? You are the egg white, so whip up your energy, and get it all good and frothy. For there are many others who will be inspired by you. It is those like minded vibrational people, you would do well to hang out with. For as you grow in numbers, your vibration will grow exponentially.

In the process of rising up, we must point out that their will be many others you will leave behind. This should not be such an unpleasant thing. As there energy will start to feel intolerable to you. Like an itch, you can’t get rid of. So often, you want the change to happen immediately. You start begging the universe to give it up to you now. And yet, when you are feeling signs, that someone is vibrating at a different frequency then yours; you often, dig your feet into the sand and refuse to budge.

You cite feeling guilty. Or you feel, as if you should rescue them. Maybe they do not wish to be rescued. We have been over this before, and still, you may go through this again and again; as you promote yourself through various gradations of higher living. They always have the option of rising up with you. Also others, whom you are currently vibrating with. However, if they choose not to, please do yourself a favor and , don’t label it as a “good” or “bad” thing. You are so good at doing that, aren’t you?

Remember there is no good or bad, only your perception makes it so. When you feel as if you are not alone in the process, pretend to unzip your body; like we have taught you. Also, remember underneath your skin. Love and space. That is all. You can never be lonely, because you are the one, with all of life. 7 billion souls, all choosing to come to the earth for this adventure. During this particular moment in time and space in a continuum. Out of 7 billion people, you should be able to find 10 like minded individuals; at any given time to grow with you.

If you are still experiencing rage, you might want to revisit this issue. Anger is another matter. For it is part of being human, to move fear into its more expressive form. Anger is fear being active. Rage takes it to another level. Often, propelling that energy into violence. When you are feeling angry in early stages, you may stop and witness it for what it is. Thank the emotion for showing you a blockage. In your ever, flowing energy source, and quickly deny its entry into the river. It is not allowed to be there. Stop it before it causes a flood. You have the power to do this. As you conquer anger, you show others what is possible.


Laura Zukerman

Owner and Founder At The Goddess Bibles A Memoir By Laura Zukerman

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