Fear and How to Deal with it.

As you live out your day to day story, you may place blame on others. This is because, you are too still too fearful to make a change yourself. You blame the politicians, who are only mirroring your populace. You may blame parents, who only came here to birth you. It is you who continues to harbor ill will, from something that happened in your past. It is time to let that go.

Focus on the present, and you will no longer continue to to do harm. You can blame anyone , really. Don’t let fear become the dominant vibration, in your or your people. It’s simply not real. The very worst thing someone can do to you is take your life.

This one life from you, and you will go to a place of peace and understanding. A place where, your every desire is instantly manifested. You will either heal there or come back, to learn more lessons. Or, you will move on, as we are encouraging you to do.

In the meantime, you will enact new laws, and you will write out your opinions everywhere. All in a effort to separate yourselves. The truth is , no one can harm your soul. And, in the big picture of things, this is one horrible act, that may propel many of you to realize you are not your gender preference. You are not your gender, you are not your race, you are not your age, you are not your ethnic identity. You are spirit, seeking an individual soul adventure; in order to expand the universe.

You are just one very small part, of an extremely huge galaxy. One of billions, throughout our universe. You cannot possibly know how small you are in reality, until you join us in truth. Then, you will just know that you are part of grand divinity, that knows no boundaries.

If you want to stop the killing, stop the critical voice in your mind. You are not powerless at all. And , you are certainly not at the mercy of those that you have put in charge. Start behind your ideals, your values and amplify honesty, integrity, peace compassion and love.

Then, live it each and everyday. Show your world love and peace, by how you act in the world. Teach by example, raise your vibration daily. Those in your midst, will benefit. And they too, shall raise their vibration. Until, that higher vibration becomes the dominant one on your planet.

With your lifted vibration, manifest more, as well as give more. Perhaps that Orlando shooter, knew a life of poverty and self hatred which translated him into abusing his wife and taking out his anger; on those he cast others perhaps. If that little boy had been given the basics of what he needed to survive. If he has shown more unconditional love and compassion; he might not have struck out.

It is a combination of poverty and ignorance that creates violence and madness. When you can spread your new found, overflowing abundance with those around the world, you will create well being for all. Also, a much safer space for yourselves as you finish out your days here on this astral plane. Generosity and tolerance, creates peace and joy.


Laura Zukerman

Owner and Founder At The Goddess Bibles A Memoir By Laura Zukerman

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