Your Body and What to do with it/ energy based/ financial flow

Your body is a vast circuitry of vessels. This allows the blood to run through them. What do you think would happen if one of these vessels, a vein or an artery, was blocked? If your veins were dammed up, you would likely have a heart attack or a stroke or some such unpleasant thing, that would terminate your lifetime as you know it.

In the same way, as when you block any form of energy; it gets dammed up until it is ready to explode! When you allow fear to get in the way of what you really want to do, you call it a break through, why? Because you are literally breaking through your energy blockages.

In terms of financial flow, this same occurrence happens you see. When, you hoard up your income for example. You are literally, damming up the flow. What you give, is what you receive. When you have the mindset that their is plenty to go around, then; you create space for money and gifts.

As well as all manners of abundance, to come right back around at you. So, be generous in a big way. Play with giving away 1 percent. See, how rapidly it will return to you. Now that you’ve gained insight into the boomerang effect of this manifestation game, try; giving back ten percent. Then, watch how you get back ten times that. It will just keep increasing as you gain confidence , trust and have faith in the process.

Share these positivity stories with friends,so they can try it out we well. Instead of putting negative energies into your energy flow. What is scientifically happening you see, is that you are creating a “vacuum.” Visualize a whirlpool in the ocean. Or , a wormhole in the middle of outer space. Some, might call this a vortex. And so, as you see, as you give it out; it is magnetically 🧲 being attracted towards yourself , even if your not thinking that. We will say it again, as you think or go, you shall get inspired action and receive. They knew of this back in biblical times, we know that already though.

As you become a witness to the phenomena, things, experiences and adventures; keep happening for you and to you. You will also see how giving to others creates a much bigger sense of peace.✌️ In Your Inner world, as well as your outer world. We are saying that when every single human on the planet doesn’t not have the fear of taking care of their body, with clothing , food and shelter; your world will experience peace.

Our definition of peace comes from the opposite of fear. And, if your survival basic skills are taken care of, you will not fear others who have tried to take from you or who have taken from you. If others are not angry at having their basic living needs not met, perhaps they will learn not to attack. If countries were not fighting over boundaries and borders , and ; they misperceived power, they then understood that the worlds people are one unit. We are one spirit, there will no longer be suffering via hunger , lack of of shelter.

So ensure , no ones goes homeless, naked or hungry. Give to those projects and people who ensure basic survival needs for all. Do not consider homeless people less fortunate, for that is assuming you are better than them somehow.

Beyond food, clothing and shelter, it is up to each individual person to rise up and create, the life they want. You are, beyond the basics of caring for the body. It is up to each person to educate themselves properly. As well as , learning to grow without limits!

It will be much simpler to educate your people, when they are not bothered by survival. Without suffering, all will thrive. Without bodily suffering and disease, all with eventually end. You will see it happening before your very own eyes. When you care for others among yourself, you care for all.


Laura Zukerman

Owner and Founder At The Goddess Bibles A Memoir By Laura Zukerman

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