When you are on a roll with your manifestations, doesn’t it feel good? Are you allowing the feelings of your manifestations to wash over you, rather then trying to check off the next thing on your list.

It is important and essential to relish, the good feelings of your manifestations; as they happen. That is why you wanted them to begin with … yes? Perhaps, you wanted a new position at work, and you have now achieved that dream.

You are living out your dream, which in actuality is what you set out to do between lines. Others, are inspired, by your example; your radiance that shines from within you. They are living out their lives, through their own dreams and desires. Others just feel lifted by being in your presence, and it is enough, in fact; it is everything.

Many of you will arrive here, to your new level of being , creating and existing. You will then wonder what your next step is. Here, is a place where you will find near instance gratification, where there are no limitations on thoughts or beliefs left in your brain.

You no longer need to do the affirmations, as your mind now thinks in affirmations. You understand at a deeper level, that you, along with everyone else in your dimension; live in a positive universe, that only wants the best for you. You want the best for you. And, since you are the same spirit that inhabits every other soul, you want the best for others as well. Do you want to magnify your manifesting abilities further? Learn to give it away!

When you say give it away, what exactly am I referring to, you might ask? Well, whatever it is you would like to receive, give it away first; without any expectations. It works like a boomerang into the universe. If you give 1 percent of your income to another , you will produce 1 percent from another source. For example, if your earn 100 dollars a day, and you give away 1 dollar a day, you will get it back from someone else.

When you create a “void” and send the energy “backward,” it must be filled; it would be called somewhat of a “law.” However, we try to avoid that word because it holds a somewhat negative connotation for many. This isn’t a rule, but; just the way things work.

When you give away your money, you create a mindset that their is plenty to go around; and so it comes back to your in-turn, you see? Your money, is simply an example. One example, of the manifestation of freedom. It is a symbol. And as such, if you give in generosity, it will be fulfilled, it must.

When you push an idea into action, it never currently works out how you originally planned. If you pause and allow inspiration and inspired action, and you follow through on your intuition; you innovations will garner your great wealth, prosperity and abundance in all ways. Not just those you’ve imagined. As you gain momentum, and then plateau, that evening out stage; that would be the time to give, and the you shall receive. You reap what you sow.

As you come to your own interdependence, and you realize how different it is, to meet each bodies basic needs, versus interfering with a persons souls agreement, by judging and internalizing what god has planned for them; you will understand how the importance of one persons peace, it crucial for world peace. ☮️

How can you be at peace, when another of you, another peace of your spirit, is hungry or without shelter? How would it be to know that every single body on earth, every representation of spirit; has food, clothing and a roof over their head? What would your world look like, if each souls purpose, wasn’t just living in survival but creating for one another in love and joy?

This isn’t to say that you should provide everything for one another. For that would indeed, interfere with their purpose in coming here. And yet, as each of us has protection for our bodies, there will be less and less who will act out in anger and rage. Eventually, this lessening of the lower frequencies, will translate into their world without war. Then, their will be no more war, no more separation of your so called species, you will now know heaven on earth. 🌍

If the way station, as we call it, is an interim location; where your soul is set free, to manifest at will; without carrying around the density of a body, then, this is the right dimension. There will be no more fear over having the protection of your own body. Then what? Then our friends, you are one GIANT step closer to the space where we reside.


Laura Zukerman

Owner and Founder At The Goddess Bibles A Memoir By Laura Zukerman

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