Lifting your Vibrational Energy

When enough of you lift your vibration, you will start to see individual spirits or ghosts as some may call them, everywhere. This should not scare you the least. You would say, you have missed those who have passed on before you. Why do you think they passed on? As in, passed on to the next level of existence.

Your loved ones have simply shed their body vehicle, for a particular lifetime. Their soul, has now sped up to a rate you can no longer see, as they merged with divine spirit.

As you speed up your frequency, many of you will be able to, use your senses, to see, feel and hear spirits in your midsts. Even the mediums of the world, have termed it, the middle man (for us to see spirit.) As you learn to lift your vibrational energies through mediation, and various other tools; you will reach a space where you may communicate with them. A brief glimpse is looking into , others high vibrational energies and ; tapping into that energy therefore, you can lift it up even higher.

As your vibrational state lifts, your intuition will become a lot stronger. To the point where it seems you know everything and all things; just by tapping into your third eye. This is a good thing. Perhaps, a bit confusing at first. As you discern where your ego lies and others stops, you will learn better boundaries; as you rise up as well, so you aren’t reading everyone’s mind all of the time. That could be exhausting.

There are those in your midst who name this rising up as an ascension. Also, many who associate illness and pain and other unpleasantries with the rising of the vibrational energies. And, to that we again say that, it is only your resistance that makes it so.

As you focus on the pain and discomfort, it will only expand and get stronger. Look away from the discomfort and onto the lessons it may teach you. As you come away from learning, through suffering. You are still learning through contrast, and; that is perfectly alright from your current level of understanding. However, don’t stay stuck there!

Focus on the lesson, focus on what may come from your current level of discomfort, and you will be one step closer to getting there. Once you gain a momentum, your hard lessons should come less and less often, as; you lead a life or growth through faith. This is a most blissful existence.

You may lift your vibration, no matter what is going on around you. If you only bring your vibratory level to a specific point, you are limiting yourself. If you raise your levels a little each day, not only will it be easier on your body and your mind; it will be attracting those things, people and experiences around you, you didn’t even know you wanted!

Once your feelings are set out for intentions of fulfillment, you’ll also begin to let those levels overflow you. As you give to others. You will know peace, because other souls are sharing the same spirit as yourself, you will know peace. You will also, in an amplified way; make it achievable for all.

As you realize how truly powerful you are, and your vibrational set point is at a high level; you are attracting all manners of things on this 🌎 earth. You indeed must be cognizant, of what you are thinking, seeing, speaking and writing.

As you lift your frequency, you are speeding up the very cells in your body. Creating better health and vibrancy as a result. That whirlpool of energy, you have now created for yourself; will draw things and experiences to you, much faster than in the past. As in, where before you had a buffer of time before thoughts became things.


Laura Zukerman

Owner And Founder At The Goddess Bibles A Memoir By Laura Zukerman

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