How do you help another to Manifest and to live a Peaceful existence?

How do you help another to manifest. First, you must raise your own vibration to the highest level, each day. Without worry about tapering off track. Raise it to a point that feels powerful enough to you. Then, you will not only draw experiences and things towards yourself, you will be able to enlighten those in your surroundings. As you feel good, you cannot help but allow those to feel good around you as well. This feeling is contagious!

At the same time, there will be those, who are of such a low vibration, that they keep their distance. For your light, may be blinding to them, you see, that is okay. Eventually, all will learn to adjust their vision. You cannot save another. You cannot rescue another. All you can do is shine your light for all to see, by raising your vibration higher each day. As you are learning how to do this, think about how you want to share this with likeminded friends, family and others.

Ask them to share with you their new wants and desires. You may encourage them by asking them to share their vision, of what they want with you;for you to interpret how they can manifest that vision. You are stronger with others who raise their vibration as well. Stronger together, then alone, so raise your vibrations!!

As you magnify, you amplify. And as you give out and receive in multitudes, you will gain momentum and come together. There will be no room for naysayers. They will have their own groups, and they will be happy complaining and commiserating together.

That is not for you. Not now, not from here on out. Hold the same vision for another, and see how it makes you feel. This is, taking the law of attraction, one step further. For as you learn to hold the vision for another; understanding that you are all one, you will create a new world. A peaceful state of unity for humanity and the surrounding world or worlds around you.

You should know by now that not just intellectually; but, deep in your heart, peace is an inside job. If you are not living out a peaceful life, in your existence, if it is filled with fear, stress and anxiety; you are part of the problem, not the solution. The problem, how do you live in a solution based existence? By understanding that in other dimensions, the problem is already solved.

Now, work from that point in space and time, backward, as you might see. Let us clarify, if you are in a job you hate, you will find your way towards a pleasurable state that lifts your vibration. Until that happier state is more dominant than you are familiar with. And your reality of your current painful state of existence will feel less dominant in your life. Until you continue to live in fear and resentment.


Laura Zukerman

Owner and Founder At The Goddess Bibles A Memoir By Laura Zukerman

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