Daydreaming daily/ the three Is and the transformation

What would happen if you allowed yourself to day dream daily? Arguments about how it would disrupt your responsibilities don’t belong here. If you truly want to be a constant creator, you have to learn to stop blocking your daily dreaming capacities.

When doubts or fears arise, simply say hello to them and then brush them aside. It is simply a part of your human process to acknowledge fears. When , you get into this space; where we reside your fears will become non-existent.

Allow all your Inner fears to have a voice, what are they saying to you? Don’t write them down that literally gives them too much of your energy. You realize this, take some time to let your fears spout off of their list of worries and anxieties. Until , they run out of steam.

The absolute worst thing that could happen to you is to lose your bodily form, yes? To die in any shape or form, and yet you have died many many times before. You have shed your body more then you can imagine. You soul has survived all of these experiences. Your soul never , ever dies. Love never ever dies. And so , you too never ever die.

Now that this is behind you, Day dream some more and allow your inspiration to have a voice. What does it say to you? Now that you have no fears stopping you?

Intention, once your energy is your lifted and you are feeling inspired, is it time to ignite your intention.Intention is simply putting your imagination and inspiration into action. When the thoughts in your mind ; turn into images, and your vibration is lifted due to inspiration.

Write down what it is you intend to do and , you will make it more concrete. Say it out loud: check in with how you feel; does you heart pound a little more from excitement? If yes, then you are on the right track.

If your heart is pounding , and it feels like fear; go back to the last step and face your fears, until they go away. Breathe life into your inspiration until it feels good, then; picture it some more.

Innovation, you see all of innovation is imagination, inspiration and intention all wrapped into one. Traditionally , you’ve known the I word, to go with ego, however, without some of the form of ego , who would be on this planet ?

You can lift your ego and not allow it to control you, however it is always somewhat there. The ego, in better terms; is simply the individualized unit of spirit. This spirit is sent here by you to create and expand. Evil is “live” spelled backwards. So, perhaps calling yourself a bad word; just because you are doing something that you can here to do.

What if you embraced living, and embraced that as long as you are alive you might as well, innovate. Innovation is the key to success, happiness , prosperity and wealth.

When you are an innovator , there will surely be others who are going to mock you. They will vibrantly congregate, commiserate and bring each other down the ladder of emotions.

And yet, there will be many more who will embrace and celebrate your innovate ideas. For it is, those ideas that will change humanity as a whole. Is is the same innovations, that when engaged; that will bring the light from within you to the outside world.

Congregate with and support the innovators of your world. This will allow you to growing and to gain a higher and higher momentum. You, will come into contact with things and experiences you did not know you wanted; except perhaps at a soul level.

You are now at the leading edge of transformation. You understand that you are all one. There are boundaries, no separation. You realize that the power of your thoughts, and the power of your word; will create something from nothing, to magnetize your desires.

You know you came here to this denser dimension, to test your skills at this, to create and go on adventures; to rediscover, the beauty of the world. To focus on the good and then multiply that tenfold


Laura Zukerman

Owner and Founder At The Goddess Bibles A Memoir By Laura Zukerman

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