You Matter

You matter, you see, as we have stated, you matter because you created yourself from formless and from collective spirit, into directed matter. You are made of spirit, you are made of love, does that not resonate?

If you still wish to give your power over to another, then by all means, do so. In each given moment you are creating yourself, if you know and understand that your cells are constantly recreating themselves; what a miracle that truly is, in the moment. You can create something out of nothing. For you created yourself in this very incarnation. And, in many incarnations before this one.

You lived out a whole lot of lives. Don’t you feel this? You’ve done it the hard way, learning through suffering, and yet ; you are now in a new place, where you may affirm, that you learn through faith and not suffering. As your comfort level grows, with this new space of presence, and as their is no feeling whatsoever of emptiness; you will manifest more for you and more for those around you. Simply because this is fun to do!

You understand now that this life thing is a game, and you have been taking it very seriously. When all along, you entered into it with a lightness of being. Knowing in the end , that you would always return to spirit. And , that spirit is all there is anyways.

We would like to discuss with you what truly matters. You are bringing forth matter into this world, those things, those experiences that are the most meaningful. Take some time, to consider why you want what you want. What are the feelings that would come of this? After a period of consideration we would like to teach you about three words that happen to begin with the letter “I.”

Imagination is the first I – every single soul was given this gift upon birth. Imagination is the creative force of spirit, and we would like to remind you that you are all creators. You have wanted to help out and expand the universe, by lending your contributions . Especially when you were a young child, your mind created all sorts of innovations. Ideas, that a bunch of well, intentioned adults, promptly squashed as being too fantastical. And so you, you might have learned at a young age, not to trust those images in your mind.

The pictures formed by another important I word- intuition. We want you to trust those internal , Inner images , once more. We want you to day dream, a lot. When you did this naturally as a child , you may have even been chastised as a child for being too distracted. We would like to teach you this, this is the opposite of what you were doing. You were tapping directly into divine wisdom, and the good news is, you can do this again as an adult.

Inspiration is the third I – what surfaces after such introspection is inspiration. The ideas you receive in quiet moments of allowance are your keys to what appear to be miracles to you. You see miracles , as things that happen rarely. When, in fact they could happen daily. Even more often if you were in a constant state of receptivity.


Laura Zukerman

Owner and Founder At The Goddess Bibles A Memoir By Laura Zukerman

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