Samadhi- The State of Oneness

Samadhi, is the state of oneness. Samadhi is the eighth step of yoga. The great sage gheranda says, “There is no yoga without samadhi. None is fortunate, as the person who attains samadhi. Samadhi can be attained by devotedly serving the guru and securing his grace.” In this statement an important doctrine, full of truth, is laid down. Since, in Samadhi one has to achieve the constraints of the mind by stopping its fluctuations. The sage has said that there cannot be yoga without samadhi. 🧘‍♀️

The end product of any yoga practice can only be this. It matters little by what name we call it. Another doctrine laid out in the above statement ; is that the state of samadhi, is not attainable without the grace of a realized guru. Only a lighted candle can light an unlighted one. The truth of this cannot be negated simply because some inexperienced people disagree with it.

In hatha yoga pradipika it is said, “As salt dissolved in water, so the mind dissolves into the soul; and becomes one with it. ”

The unity of the soul and the mind is called samadhi. In speaking of samadhi we are speaking about the human states of supreme consciousness. When, behind the petty ego, an individual is occasionally released into the universal consciousness. Beyond, to taste the reality that exists in the patterned beauty of infinite life, in which we are a part of and; to which we are usually blind.

These expansions of consciousness are rare but well known enough by account; to allow us to accept that we also have the potential to experience the same. To help us resize these ecstatic states; beyond the normal range of human thought and emotion, that the system has been designed.

However, it is not only for individuals to experience alone. As, it may be translated into some expression, which allows others to share; if only a droplet, or for a moment, that is a reflected experience of spiritual realization. When, all senses of separation vanish and life seems as one.

It must be remember that knowing something with the mind, and then realizing it are two different experiences. Any form of realization, can be compared; with a little light going on in ones consciousness. This occurs together, with new comprehension and insight. Realization, on any level is a very special state, and may occur frequently but; when it comes, it makes a lasting impression.

Spiritual realization is similar but magnified many times. As anticipated, when the focus is on God. This produces an inner excitement of ones being. One feels to have suddenly known the reality of the universe, and of the part each life plays on the great drama of the cosmos. It represents the climax in the inner meditative and expansive states, experiencing of a yogi type.

Samadhi, is the experiencing of the heavenly states, beyond normal range of human life. It results in keener perception and fresh perspectives. A great comprehension, that requires old conclusions; to be reviewed and seen in a new light. It is through human realization, that entirely new discoveries are made. It is through spiritual realizations that the truths of the spiritual realities become known.

All who experience it , are left with a memory of having tasted ; a rare and supreme joy beyond previously known conditions of human happiness. It is a tantalizing taste of heaven!


Laura Zukerman

Owner and Founder At The Goddess Bibles A Memoir By Laura Zukerman

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