Everyone Around You Mirrors Your Souls Existence

Everyone around you mirrors your souls existences. If you pretend to unzip them, you see clearly now, that you are indeed you. They are just housed in another form that they choose in between lifetimes.

It’s just like choosing a new car, when your tired of your old one. Some choose to run their lives into the ground before they purchase a new one, others buy or lease one every few years; some only buy used, others only want brand new, it is only a car, it is not you!

And yet, you often judge others by their cars, thinking who is inside? In the same way , when you see another you ask yourself “what are they thinking” or , “what personality does this person have,” or ” what designer brands is this person wearing.”

If another is irking you, ask yourself; why are you so irked by this person, or their chosen path? Are there changes in yourself that you have not made yet? Maybe, seeing this person “stuck” is easier then addressing your own hurdles? It is all just resistance to change.

This can be enormously funny to us, because you cannot stop someone else’s changing behaviors; as much as than your earth can stop revolving. And, when you allow others journeys to impede your process, you vibrate much higher, your revolutions go quicker, you see? You start to “spin” out of control. When you “spin” you’ll either attract or repel what you desire. This is how it works you see.

There are 7 billion people inhabiting your earth. More souls, who visit from the way station; in much lighter forms that do not require food or shelter. If your vibration, “repels” another; it is not a “bad” thing, as you dream it. It means that they are no longer on the same frequency as you; you are now moving along a different chosen path.

Perhaps, you were on the same chosen path at one moment in time. However, if you hold on to that person too tightly, your experiences will no longer feel as good, because they will be blocking or impeding your new way of thought and your whole life. It is like holding on to a rope, or a fast moving river; eventually, something is going to give. When, you let go of that rope, you’ll find yourself traversing the river with great speed and momentum towards the people and experiences you do now want.

In fact, raise the vibration incrementally each day, using the tools, we have taught you. Soon, you will find others matching you so well; that they will gift you the exact experiences you want. You will also find yourself giving to others in great capacity. So, in this way, you manifest and benefit for one another. You will begin attracting things and experiences you didn’t even know you wanted.

The greater version of you will begin to take the lead, and your higher vibration; will gain momentum to lift you on a daily basis. You will eventually no longer need any tools at all, and you will live in constant harmony with all that is.

You can stop the flow at any time, by setting your feet into the ground; creating a story about this person who is getting in your way. It is you, who gets in your own way. How do you stop it, you might ask? By repeating the story of the greater truth to who you are.

Get so good at telling yourself that you are a creator, that you are divine truth in action; that you are constantly vibrating higher and higher, and attracting, all people, and all situations and energies; that you need to, to do all the things you came here to do this time around.

To do this all in one lifetime would be crazy, so the answer is no, you do not have to do this all in one lifetime. Affirm, that you know you have experienced countless, colorful, lifetimes. Your soul will be multi-faceted.

Affirm that you see your soul, reflected in another’s eyes, that you all; all humans, all animals, share one great spirit. You know now that you can graduate into another existence on another level or astral plane. You will not learn the hard way anymore. As you rise, you may notice others who are still learning the hard way. It is not for you to point this out. Simply, be in their presence if it pleases you. If they are attracted to your higher vibration,you both will rise.

You choose to be drawn magnetically to those who make your heart beat a little faster. Those who make you smile, who sit with you in your pain and; who demonstrate a purity of love. In that purity, you will know peace. In that peace, you may share it with others.

What if you awoke each day, with a feeling of celebration in your heart? Because in truth, everyday you inhabit a body. No matter what condition that body is in, is a cause for celebration. Do you remember how you brought forth this existence from nothing? While still in spirit, you were drifting in bliss, love and pure connection. When you decided to come forth and create a body, you created something from nothing and; to think your way into via pure intention.

You wished to create, and so , because you are one with creation; you brought thought into form. You took the formless substance,which is the truth of you and every soul around you and ; you took measured steps into being.

Each night you rest, you recharge your body, just like an electric car. You plug in your batteries for the night, plug into divine source energy and sleep. You then, wake renewed and refreshed, grateful. Each and everyday is a do-over. We’ve said this before but until you live what you learn, we will keep repeating ourselves. With a do-ever for each day, what will you do with it? You begin to feel restless and this is completely normal. Why? Because, you are starting to live the tools, and love your new path , your new journey; which is authentic and real, and beautiful.

You will notice the beauty around you, and you know now how to be present. Also, at the same time, you lift your vibration and amplify it to new levels.

This feeling of completion, it is real. It’s as if your at the end of a school year, and the book work is done. The tests are taken, the essays are written, and your teachers and your classmates are just enjoying each other’s company. You all are going to a party after and , you are so excited. You are all so happy that your lessons are complete. You feel a sense of accomplishment!

You have made it through the hard parts, and you have gained more knowledge and wisdom then you can now build upon! You are fulfilled, you are proud of yourself. Those who have shared your journey, yes even the difficult souls who have bumped up against you; have taught you how to learn through contrast.

You even appreciate those who have tried to drag you down into their drama, and who instead; you brought into your extended positive aura; even if you couldn’t help them. Those who decided to sink deeper, into their perceived pain and misery , well, you care for them also. It is there choice to move into their pain. Rather than, learning to rise above it all. Someday, they may choose differently; but for now, you’ve demonstrated yourself by example, and it feels good. Good work!


Laura Zukerman

Owner And Founder At The Goddess Bibles A Memoir By Laura Zukerman

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