Chakra characteristics and what they do

Chakra 1 – red base of the spine. The root chakra is fixing to your survival senses and your connection to the earth. Solace and happiness with our natural lives are rooted here. When our first chakra is working ideally, we feel grounded.

Chakra 2- orange / beneath the naval- the sacral chakra contains bunches of emotions. It is situated in the negative locale , so with that , it carries the energy of creation…not merely of another life,b but rather an imaginative articulation. It is like wise connected to sex and power and cash.

Chakra 3 yellow/between navel and chest. The sun oriented plexus chakra is found right in the center of our “being.” It is the place we convey our feelings;of self esteem, certainty or deficiency in that department. In addition where we encounter feeling such as “butterflies” or anything in your gut.

Chakra 4- green/heart- the heart chakra. It is here that we hold our feelings of love and absolution. It emanates warmth , empathy and connection with others. Or then again . On the off chances that it isn’t working decently is because we have stuck emotions that we haven’t dealt with yet. These feelings are usually heartache un-forgiveness. It’s the passage between the upper and lower chakras.

Chakra 5- blue/throat- the throat chakra has a considerable measure to do with talking up for yourself. It is situated in the throat/neck territory and identified with your voice and your correspondence with others. It is likewise worrisome about not hearing what other people say; and your impression of your open portrayal of yourself.

Chakra 6- indigo/Brow – The center of the temple. Additionally, called the third eye since it speaks to our spiritual sight. It encourages us to the 10,000 foot view of the circumstances in our lives. Through this we see significantly more then our five detects get.

Chakra 7- Violet/Gold – White / Top of the Head. Alluded to the crown chakra , this is our connection to the “divine” which may mean diverse things for various individuals. Both chakra 6 and 7 , when bright and working in a perfect world, work together to create an instinctual side and motivational hindering.


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