The Enneagram

Is a personality typing system based around the nine distinct personality types. The theory being that everyone goes into one of these nine categories. Some say that it is an ancient system with its origins traceable to Sufism; others suggest that it is more recent.

However, it is an interesting system with more complexity at first glance, then meets the eye. Our personality develops in childhood which is our coping mechanism that we develop to deal with our own personal environment. There are nine distinct patterns recognized in the Enneagram. Also it predicts how each personality will change under stress induced states. Additionally, when we are feeling completely secure.

So why would we classify anyone as a specific personality type? Well despite the fact that we can go to the moon; most of us have difficulties understanding each other in mass produced ways. A key to developing an understanding in each other, we must first understand ourselves.

One way of doing that is by taking a closer look at the Enneagram. It is not an easy thing to put your own personality under the microscope, you have to be prepared that you may hear and discover things that you may not want to know.

There is no point in finding something out about yourself , if you are not willing to address the findings. Also, changing ones behavior takes an imminent amount of time, work , effort , creative energy and a good deal of commitment.

A couple of points to bear in mind when using the Enneagram. Firstly, we need to recognize that all personality types are essentially positive and that any negative behaviors may come about in this process. However you can be remedied.

Secondly, you should be very careful, about “typing” someone else. Putting someone into a specific Enneagram category. This means to classify someone when you are not a doctor, be careful what you say. Knowing where someone sits on the 9 Enneagram points can be helpful in improving your understanding and better communication.


Laura Zukerman

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