The Enneagram – How it Works and it’s Personality Types

The way the Enneagram is understood today, is that it is a tool to understand and articulate; the nine “filters” that someone can use to see the world. These filters are fluid intangibles that may or may not exist in reality. However using them as tools can bring about drastic realizations. This is in your relationships or for personal growth reasoning.

The Enneagram is basically a geometrical figure that the followers of Pythagoras, the great mathematician have been using for over 2500 years.

It’s managed to spread across the world thanks to great civilizations such as Babylon and Greece, that adopted this system of thought. It is made up of a total of nine points placed on a circle. Each of these points is clearly defined and labeled,using numbers from one to nine.

The numbers are used to indicate ones personality; this could be ascertained through Enneagram workshops. However, no personality is higher than the other. So, a person who’s personality is found on number one isn’t inferior to a person who is found on number nine.

You may wonder what these nine points actually represent. They are personality traits. These are nine basic traits that contain the personality of every man and woman to walk the earth. Each of these points is connected to two other points using interconnecting lines. Following a type of star figure.

When you attend Enneagram workshops, you will be able to determine which point represents your personality. But, there’s nothing great knowing just that. However, the lines connecting different points are the main catch in this technique. When your angry you’ll move towards a different personality; whereas when your happy, your a whole different person.

Therefore, using these lines and the arrows marked on them; one could easily determine the course their minds take when under stress or joy. Hence, by knowing what one could go through, a coach could help train you to refrain from a bad personality. Everyone has a bad side to them, however, it’s usually the ugliest part of ones life.

It’s not just numbers and lines that make up the Enneagram diagram. In addition to these factors, there are also wings. Wings, are correlated to refer to two numbers. Located near the numbers of your personality type. Most people exhibit the personality type of one of the wings, rarely both.

These nine personalities are categorized to fall under three triads namely. Thinking driven personalities, feeling personalities and lastly instinct based personalities. Just think of yourself, your surely going to fall into one of these categories. Hence, you will find a place in the nine as well.

What does the term Enneagram actually mean? Broken down the word Ennea and Gram mean “nine” and “model” respectively.

So what are the nine personality types? The actual names of will depend on whichever one Enneagram teacher you follow. The underlying classifications are broadly the same.

1) the perfectionist/reformer

2)the giver/helper


4)the tragic romantic

5)the observer

6)the trooper

7)the dreamer/the epicure

8)the confronter/the boss

9)the peacemaker/mediator

By knowing your own type you can become much more understanding of others reactions. Motivating yourself to achieve things in life will become easier ; if you understand the drivers for your own behavior. Followers of the Enneagram, that everyone has one primary underlying motivational driver. This, determines our thoughts, feelings and actions.

It is very important to realize that everyone has one type. You cannot be a member of two camps. Some people, especially those that have just started studying the Enneagram; think that they are a mixture of personality types. They identify characteristics that seem to support this theory.

Our personal characteristics are not the same as are underlying motivations. We can have similar characteristics. Are reactions to other people don’t determine this factor. That is why we can be a totally different personality type then what we are relying on instinctually.

It might be difficult to classify yourself as a particular type. We all have an image of who we are, rather than the knowledge of who we really are. It might be useful to ask a very close friend, who you trust 100 percent to give you some feedback on your personality.

Be careful though, not all friendships can survive this type of honesty. Also remember , each personality type has negative and positive aspects associated with it. Don’t get hung up about the negatives; instead pour all of your energy into developing the positive aspects of your character.


Laura Zukerman

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