Reiki Healing

Reiki healing is a Japanese form of divine healing energy. In different cultures it may be called life force or chi. Reiki is made up of two Japanese Kanji characters. The first one means “soul” or “spiritual.” The second Kanji symbol means “energy.”

Reiki was developed by master Mikao Usui. He, was said to have studied Buddhist Sutrats, Martial Arts and other mystical arts. Master Usui, fasted for 21 days and saw Reiki energy above his head. He developed Reiki and the symbols from this process and; passed on these mysterious symbols and knowledge to several of his students.

Some of the Reiki healing are used in Japanese Buddhism, Shinto and Ancient Indian Sanskrit words. Reiki is not a religion it is a spiritual healing art that is from divine source.

It is used to help the receiver and the reiki practitioner, heal from reiki energy on a spiritual, emotional, physical and mental level.

Reiki can be done at a distance or directly from the hands of the receiver. These methods are a catalyst, for one to become healed , self reflections, enlightened and to have an open and loving heart.

A reiki practitioner receives one or more attunements from one or more reiki masters. These initiations open up and connect the reiki practitioner to the spiritual healing energy.

Anyone can learn this ancient art. Anyone can receive this form of healing. It can help humans, animals and planet earth. It does not go against any religion or spiritual practice.

The energy practitioners may lay their hands on the person receiving the healing. This is, in a set structure of positions from head, throat, chest, torso, legs and feet. The reiki practitioner, may stray away from these hand positions if guided to do so by their intuition or guides.

Some reiki practitioners may have their hands away from your body as well. Reiki, may also be done from a distance, even across the globe!! These methods can balance the chakras and and subtle energy levels. Practitioners learn the basic hand positioning, from a reiki master in reiki 1. The student then follows with a 21 day cleanse. This process has twelve hand positions that are done for one hour each day.


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