Kundalini – the spiritual awakening process

There are many different views on the kundalini spiritual awakening process. Some say that awakening kundalini can lead to insanity, others that it leads to enlightenment.

This is our birthright and the next stage in human evolution. I believe it is the latter, but in some ways both are correct. When kundalini is awakened it does lead to insanity of sorts. A loss of ones mind, or ego.

As all of our experiences come flooding back to us and our awareness grows stronger than anything we could have previously imagined. It may feel like we are going insane; losing our mind, but in reality we are becoming sane.

Breaking free from our conditioned, linear ways of thinking. We are now free to see and experience the universe for what it really is. A huge shift in our perspective occurs. We are now able to see the connectedness in all things. We are now able to realize our true nature and full potential.

As the process unfolds, the outer layers of our selves are peeled away bit by bit. This is until our true self emerges. We are now clear of all past karma and emotional blockages. A metamorphosis occurs, that happens from the inside out. Releasing and healing any traumas and blockages that are still being held inside the body and consciousness.

The reason some people are classed as insane, or develop psychological problems; is because, they are trying to stop or suppress the process. This is done through traditional methods, and without a proper understanding of what is occurring.

Kundalini, cleanses the soul, the mind, and the physical body. It is normal to experience some type of psychological disturbance and possibly physical disturbance.

You must allow kundalini to do what it has to do, surrender to it, do not put up resistance as this will make the experience more uncomfortable and traumatic. Do not be afraid of it.

Welcome and nurture it, and the process will unfold in a much more harmonious way. Learn all that you can about kundalini. Look at differing views and make up your own mind, find your truth.

No one can tell you what is right , and what is not . The truth lies within you, and the knowledge is there already. You just have to remember.


Laura Zukerman

Owner And Founder At The Goddess Bibles A Memoir By Laura Zukerman

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