Meditation to Perfection

Meditation is both the art and science of becoming at one with yourself, mindful in the present moment, and clearing your mind of clutter and suffering. The end of suffering is known as nirvana.

However, life is suffering. Coming to a place in your mind where even your suffering may bring peace may be the closest thing to nirvana most people are able to reach.

Transcending the emotional and physical state is so difficult that, while it is possible for anyone to obtain it, only Buddhist monks really try. It takes years of practice and patience. Buddhist monks who do achieve it with the help of the Buddha, are considered arhats, people that are enlightened but not omniscient.

Enlightenment is possible for anyone. The type of enlightenment Buddhist monks obtain to achieve nirvana is more of a deeply profound state of being. There ability to judge is entirely stripped away for the rest of their lives.

Nearly, is used as a qualifier because no one is completely and honestly unable to judge. We make snap judgements all of the time.

Studies have shown that the judgements we make in the first 30 seconds of meeting someone shape the way we see them even years later. We judge people based on height, weight, gender, race, looks , speech , non- verbal cues etc. However we don’t really judge them on what they are actually saying.

Now that we are in the digital age, we have so many more ways to communicate and miscommunicate. When we talk to someone in person or on the phone who we haven’t seen in awhile we judge them on accent, vocabulary, speed of words, use of profanity, tone of voice, gender, and octave and pitch of voice.

When we text or digitally chat with someone we haven’t met, we judge them on some things we do in person. Spelling, grammar, font use, use of popular text lingo and emojis, capital letter use, backgrounds , pictures they choose to send and a plethora of other minutiae in every category.

We also assume gender and sexual orientation and judge based on that. Personally I do not judge, this is why I am teaching this to you all. This is on how to handle it and what to do in these situations before making a passing judgement.


Laura Zukerman

Owner and Founder At The Goddess Bibles A Memoir By Laura Zukerman

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