“Judge” in Today’s Vernacular and the state of Nirvana

The word “judge” has come to have negative connotations in today’s vernacular. However, to judge someone means to form an opinion or conclusion based on facts.

Most judgements we pass are done on subconscious level. Every person has natural biases and tendencies. Their environment is judged through their specific lens and we call those discernment facts.

As humanly possible as it is to be nonjudgmental , people are able to shed some to the biases, or at the very least, realize where the other person is coming from.

The more one studies life, the universe, people, the universe, and most importantly the stories that make up those things, the more one is able to become non-judgmental and enlightened to some degree.

True enlightenment transcends not only on the judgements of others but anything that causes pain. The Buddha is said to have given up all with wealth and earthly, emotional connections. This included giving up his wife and son to become a preaching vagabond.

When he found the middle ground between too much abundance and crippling poverty, he finally reached nirvana.

Nirvana is described as a state of transcendence in which there is no suffering, no desire, and no sense of self. It’s goal is to release any sense of karma, the cycle of death and rebirth. Achieving nirvana is the ultimate goal in Buddhism and hinduism practices. Very few people have done it in life, it is believed it can be obtained after death.

Achieving nirvana is practical and and possible by practicing mindful meditation often. It takes years of practice. Even for a dedicated Buddhist monk, to achieve nirvana. The word nirvana is often used casually and and thus cheapened in the colloquial vernacular. It is the state of perfect happiness, an ideal or idealistic place.

Nirvana, the band that Kurt Cobain died in at the age of 27 from a heroin overdose, can also give you a sense of satisfaction. His legend will always live on.

While the word nirvana has been used casually, downplaying it’s depth and sacredness, it is, however, incredibly deep and sacred. Meditation is the key to obtaining this state of being we call nirvana. Even if the end of suffering is not your ultimate goal, meditation is a necessary practice.


Laura Zukerman

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