Hindu Yoga Posturing – Pranayama

Pranayama- breath control, the second limb of Hindu yogic meditation. There is nothing we do that is more important then breathing. Yet, most of us breathe incorrectly, not utilizing the full capacity of our entire miraculous body.

With all it’s moving parts. Pranayama, is derived from the two Sanskrit words , “prana” and “Ayama.” Prana means breath of life force , or breathe control. Ayama means to restrain or control the Prana. Implying a set of breathing techniques , where the breathe is intentionally altered.

In order to produce specific results. Ayama, also means the negative form of Ayama, meaning to extend or draw out, as an extension of the life force. The roots trace back to India. Pranayama offers several poses in the channeling the breathe or life force.


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