Concentration is the Power

Concentration is the power. We teach that peace in all things are harmonious in motion. When we are at peace with ourselves, everything in our universe is therefore peaceful. This peacefulness comes about from an attitude of mind, and through concentration. Therefore, by concentrating on peace, we in time, will become that peace.

Freedom is not something that we attain without effort. Freedom is something that comes to us through control. Until man learns control thoughts are limiting, man will never be free. So, we find that freedom comes through what is known as self control. Control of limited types of thinking frees our spirit to express itself and serve the purpose for which it has been incarnated into this type of form.

When we awaken to our own soul, and the spirit within us, then we will awaken to the great truth that everything, in every place is one; that there is no place that God, the divine, does not exist in all of the universes.

Therefore, when he speaks of the responsibility of our own spirit to itself, which is God within us and God without us. It is everywhere, you just need to believe in your higher power as you have come to understand him.

Our spiritual development affects the development of other souls and spirits around us as well. A persons unfoldment, spiritual unfoldment, not only affects themselves as an individualized soul, but it affects everything and everyone we come into contact with.

If we awaken to higher levels of awareness, what happens is that everything comes into our aura, into our vibratory wave, by thought or by physical contact. It is affected to some extent. Man is responsible to himself and to all his creations.

By developing ourselves, we are automatically developing those around us. Those who do not choose to awaken will leave our universes by the very law that like can only be sustained by like.

What happens is the touching of ones level of awareness, that is , raises ones consciousness mind, and that configuration of energy of that object or concept concentrated upon that exchange of energy, becomes an actual flow of energy between the two.

Awareness and mind consciousness go hand in hand. Everything we experience is inside of ourselves. The only place that experiences are recorded are inside of our own mind. It is not recorded any place else; the thing is, to awaken the simple truth.

Whatever you want to wish for or desire, already exists in your subconscious mind. The moment you awaken to that truth, then you will become on that same energy wave length, as the thing you most desire; so to speak. It exists inside of our mind, it does not in truth exist outside of our mind.


Laura Zukerman

Owner and Founder

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