Super Charge Your Belief System

Affirmations are a great start. You could do better then that though. If you have been experiencing limited results, it is because your beliefs about yourself aren’t what you want them to be! Your not truly believing.

Let’s move forward : your beliefs about yourself and the world are the foundation of everything your doing now and for what you want to attain in the future.

Living your dream life . Starts with a rock-solid foundation in faith and you believe you have the belief that you can and will succeed.

On top of that you need to trust the universe and that it will always provide for you what you need. Whether it’s in your career, family , friends , collaborations and resources etc.

Scarcity should never become part of your vernacular. First change your belief systems. This will be done by rewiring your thoughts patterns on a daily basis.

Brief however powerful affirmations need to be created , that will define the reality you choose to live in.

Do some inner reflection about what it is you want out of life. For example, you might dream about putting up an after school center for children in grade school. At the same time you might also want to set up a blog that informs parents to help the moms and dads take better care of their children. Now what do these things have in common ? Ask yourself these questions. This is just an example. Next: what similar values to your goals represent?

Now : dissect your desires and take a closer look. You clearly care about children if you want to put up a blog and make a center for them. How have your past experiences influenced your passion ? What fears and doubts are getting in the way of manifesting your desires into your reality?

Once you have the values and deep seated desires it’s time to create the common thread. This ties them all together. This will create an all encompassing affirmation that unifies and speaks truths about yourself. Based around the examples above you could say an affirmation along the lines of ” The Universe generously provides me tools, resources and people who help me to help others.”

To get the most power out of the affirmation you must state this as a fact , not wishful thinking. Say it as if it were happening right now. The belief comes first then the reality of this belief.

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Laura Zukerman

Owner and Founder at The Goddess Bibles a Memoir By Laura Zukerman

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