Create Good Habits

Being consistent leads to the development of a good habit forming consistency. It will ensure success in all areas of your life. The key to achieving success is your consistency and your able to make decisions the smart way. The decision to do something everyday is your habits.

Choose discipline and your priorities over your mood. We have all chosen the mood of how we are feeling over the consistency , however that only leads to failure. You need to develop good habitual ways for yourself.

Track your progress, this will show you how beneficial your habits have been for you. The clearer you see the results , the more motivates you will be to persist until you finally succeed. Write in a journal about your progressive process.

For example, you have a set goal that attains to your weight, and how much you want to lose, by keeping a record of it every week; this should help you see a clearer pattern of the good that is coming from your habits that are forming through exercise.

No results happen over night. Achievements take a long , persistent struggle. Success however, is not out of reach by any means. Through perseverance, persistence and commitment you will be successful! Now, remember consistency is key and this leads to the development of good working habits that only empower you to move forward.

No failures will be able to set you back, once you have formed these incredible habits for yourself. These habits will make you stronger and more ambitious to reach your ultimate goals.


Laura Zukerman

Owners and Founder At The Goddess Bibles by Laura Zukerman

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