Create a High-Vibration lifestyle and Have a Wonderful Day


Whenever you have a choice , choose the high-vibe path. As we have mentioned before, We can block the law of attraction and abundance into our life. Why?

We are happy as children, but then we learn negative stories and begin to form limiting beliefs. We also have positive stories from our childhood, but sometimes we get stuck focusing on the negative ones.

We can bounce back to a higher vibration once we release the negative blockages and programming that society had bestowed upon you. Whether you think your not good enough , you think your race matters , you think you’ll be shunned if your gay, you think your fat when you look at models etc.

This requires self reflection and honesty looking for beliefs that are hurting us. Consider what you believe about life and money , and even in relationships.

Do your beliefs do you the highest good ? Do they help to improve , grow and gain abundance?

If not it’s time to trade them in for positive outlook on life and hope for the future of your success.

Don’t do things to elicit a reaction from others. Trying to impress others doesn’t lead to happiness or success. It usually will end up in bitterness and low self esteem. There is always going to be someone better then you or on the contrary someone who can never be impressed.

Live the life you want to live. Embrace your passions and challenges that come alongside them. This enables you to have more opportunities for learning.

Be inspired by those who thrive in your area or passion. Learn from them and grow into the best you that you can be. Be grateful for your life as it is right here, right now.

Always keep moving forward for designing and living your best life. Create a life that supports your dreams. Spend time with positive people who encourage and challenge you.

Read, learn , watch videos , go to workshops , conferences whatever helps you grow mentally and vocally. Investing in yourself keeps you excited about your life and the goals you want to attain.


Laura Zukerman

Owner and Founder at The Goddess Bibles a Memoir By Laura Zukerman

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