Believe in the Sum of your Efforts

Demotivated people become stagnant when they think that the work they are putting in does not add up. This is the opposite of what the law of attraction demands for us, if you want to manifest your dream life that is.

Like attracts like and choosing to stay in one place will only create more or the same. If you begin pushing yourself to put in a little work everyday , your results will begin to pile up!

Think about it this way, whatever state your in , you got there by doing a little of it each day, or by doing nothing at all.

Either way your current situation is proof of this. Imagine if you offered up your positive energy to the universe in the same way people out their money into their savings account.

Most people don’t quite understand that the universe pays you back the energy , with interest. It matches every dollar you put in and it will multiply it exponentially.

If you keep the momentum going , just imagine the kind of critical mass you’ll be able to build upon in the coming weeks, months and years to come!

If you make just a small change in direction today , and then more and more changes after that; this will radically change the course of your own existence and life itself will never be the same for you!


Laura Zukerman

Owner and Founder at The Goddess Bibles a Memoir By Laura Zukerman

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