The 7 day program for self improvement

Things to Improve your life in 7 days!

1. Day one : Purpose and Direction

If you are wandering through life with little or no direction , hoping that you will find your life purpose, abundance and prosperity; there will always be a little loop hole that there will be a light at the end of the tunnel. Set your Goals.

2. Day two : What are your values ?

Make a list of what you value the most. Your top 5 values. Some examples could be family , financial security , freedom , spiritual development and learning. Set your goals against your values. If your goals don’t signify your values , you may want to reconsider them.

3. Day three: maintain yourself

Unmet needs are what keep you from living authentically. Do you have the need to be acknowledged? To be right? To be in control? To be loved? Many people live their lives not fulfilling their dreams because they are too scared or too narcissistic and think they are above it. Well I’m here to tell you , your not and it’s time to do what you love. Your never too old or too young to pursue your passions.

4. Day 4 : know your passions

You know what you are good at, you know whatever it is your passionate about; so take the leap of faith. Obstacles of self doubt and not being able to overcome there obstacles, should not hinder your motivation. Keep working towards your goals.

5. Day 5: live your best life

Reflect on your inner wisdom in silence. Meditate to quiet your mind.

6. Day 6: honor your strengths

List three special talents you have and start writing about them. Are you witty , imaginative , good with your hands? These are just some ideas to honor your strengths.

7. Day 7 : serve others

When you live authentically, you are able to live your best life. Helping others , heals yourself in the process. When you are true to your life’s work and have a purpose, you begin to feel so much better!

All my love


Laura Zukerman

Owner and Founder

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