Self Worth and Self meaning

Somewhere along the lines it is imperative to focus on introspection. Through the concept of yielding your mind and flowing with it you learn to create every thought process into a captivating story, through the idea of visualization. The biggest competition in the race of life, will always be yourself. Many times people believe that others will have it better , the reality is that we are only in the race with ourselves. It is now time to look in the reflection of that mirror and realize you are your only competitor.

The best way for a spouse to help in giving you positive vibrations is to not speak any negativity. Instead to only speak of your amazing qualities and what you can work on. Once we begin to start improving ourselves we are capable of appreciating what others have to offer us. We begin to think more clearly. Whether it be spiritually , mental clarity , emotionally and our capabilities because much more in-tune.

Now here are some key pointers to motivate yourself

1. In your Work Environment:

The idea of survival of the fittest is living in a negative work environment, this is some place you don’t want to be working. This will eventually start hurting your self- esteem.

2. People’s behaviors

You can not change people’s behaviors , you can only deal with how they react towards you. You are only able to control yourself not others.

3. Change

Change can be painful , however it is the only constant in life. It allows us to expose our weaknesses, and work on them. If you look at this as an opportunity , you will eventually start the self improvement process.

4. The past

Cry if you need to, let it all out. However, you need to move past these obstacles to become a stronger person. Remember pain becomes power. Every struggle you endure will eventually become one that makes you stronger.

5. Perception

Two people can go through the same exact experience and experience totally different results. Even if you have to be your own shining light , try to find the light in the darkest of circumstances.

6. Determination Theory

You are made up of your environment and your DNA. You don’t have be the negativity that might have followed your past.

All my love ,

Laura Zukerman

Owner and Founder

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