Serious Mental Development !

Once you have a good environment, with a reasonable diet and regular exercise, you can derive practices that are more directly oriented towards growing mentally. Remember everything you do is stretching the mind to some degree or another.

Whether it be exercise, writing , walking , journaling , talking, speaking , acting , seeing and visualizing something; these are all ways we can expand our minds capabilities.

The best practices for you to really master your own personal psychology are as follows. How often and to what degree you want to extend yourself is up to you.

The first practice is meditation

Meditation, should come as no surprise because it is the best kind of practice for mental development. It involves sitting down quietly (lotus position) legs crossed, like a pretzel. Then, observing the movements of the mind.

After a period of time the mind begins to quiet down and become less frantic. You will be able to monitor and control your thoughts. While, not being reactive to outside events.

The two most popular kinds of meditation are Vipassana and Transcendental meditation. There is a number of scientific literatures based on the great things these can do for your body, extensively. There is no need to have an excuse as to why you can not start a regular mediation routine. It is verified by science , practiced by many high- level individuals , and has historic roots in spiritual systems and cultures.

Twice a day for 20 minutes is the recommended time frame for optimal results. In the Morning and then in the evening. You could also consider an intense course for a week to really get the ball rolling!

Yoga is the second practice

Yoga is the practice involving bodily movements , these are created through, the breath, concentration, balance , flexibility and physical strength. When the movements are executed properly, the person will come into a flowing state tranquility. By using the coordination of concentration, physical endurance and breathing , it will help control the mind into a state of relaxation. The mind must not be active. This is best completed when you do this as a regular habitual forming process and then in-turn it will come into your conscious thought patterns.

The third thing is Fasting

Fasting is actually considered one of the best things to do to master your mindset. Food is the way we survive, giving up food for a period of time can have many benefits and takes an immense amount of willpower. Fasting is the only thing that has been proven to create longevity in rats. Humans also perform at their highest peak, when they are hungry. Their are many different types of fasting, these include water fasting, dry fasting , juice fasting- you could also pertain this to a cleansing of the body. A good idea is to do a juice cleanse or fasting once a month for two to three days for optimal results. This can have a great effect on the brain emotionally and mentally. Detoxifying, allows your brain to heal back to its original state of being.

Mindfulness is next

Mindfulness has many different forms and there are distinguishable mindfulness practices that one can complete to attain maximum results. Mindfulness and meditation can be combined as one to create a sense of awareness. Mindfulness is usually correlating to the breathes we take , make sure to always be breathing in and out. Sometimes, we are talking and thinking we forget to just breathe. Also being in the present moment is huge for mindfulness because it allows you to synchronize your mind to be aware of what your doing in the now.

Concentration is the fifth thing to do for mental clarity

Intense concentration, is the focusing of the mind. According to scientific research, wide varieties of concentration techniques can be acquired when you focus tentatively on a task. Maybe, staring at the computer 💻 , a word pops up at you and you focus on that word for 10 minutes. Another way to focus could be staring at the orange juice container you just drank from for ten minutes, because it correlates to concentration.

practicing anything with passion and intensity is the sixth module for acquiring master mindfulness.

Find something that you are exuberantly passionate about. Focus on this with such intensity that it will begin to correlate into your mind what it is you truly desire or yearn for. These can include martial arts, dancing, singing , painting , creating a business; or anything that your mental awareness is getting 100 % of your mental attention from. This will allow you to not have any negative thoughts when doing the things you love. All of these are aimed at one particular activity, meaning you won’t have the time to think about emotional traumas , heart break , financial loss etc. It will close in on controlling the mind to remove those destructive patterns.

Unless you are really passionate about something , it will be difficult to develop, you need the concentration and motivation to do these things will total consistency. Do not give up on yourself, keep doing what you love , your doing it for a reason ; because you love doing it. When the going gets tough, keep going!!

Next are Advanced Protocols

These are ways that you can adjust to getting real mental clarity. They are designed so that you can create breakthroughs. By considering an 11 day silent retreat or even a 7 day silent retreat, you will be able to quiet the mind. Pick a serene location, out in nature. Meditate twice a day at-least, complete a yoga routine that you have studied online or in a class or at a gym. Try sticking to a diet that is without alcohol, sugar and processed foods. Maybe even try going vegan for the retreat if you can! No technology allowed on the retreat, this is because it will interfere with your mental performance.

If you do this about once every few months and then go back into your work environment; it will help you to understand that your normal work environment is chaotic. However, while in the retreat , you will he in a calm, serene state of being. By attaining a peaceful state you will lose all thought of fear and anxiety in your everyday life.

All my Love,


Laura Zukerman

Owner and Founder at The Goddess Bibles A Memoir By Laura Zukerman

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