The Law of Attraction vs Shadow Work

There are two major streams of thought within the psychology and spiritual sectors. People who follow the law of attraction have a belief system that what you think gathers some type of momentum over a certain period of time. Then, this will attract more positive thoughts. If we can turn our thoughts up into vibrational creation of what makes us happy, then this momentum will increase and being happy and abundant will become easier and easier for us.

There are other people who have an equally effective argument. This is that every person has a shadow side that is repressed by modern society. If this shadow side is not ascertained and allowed to express itself , then it will continue to stay in our subconscious.

This will in-turn sabotage our happiness. You see whatever is within us needs to be processed to it’s full potential and then expressed freely. It is a scientific principle that energy can not be created nor destroyed but it can be transmuted into other frequencies.

Delving deeper into the shadow:

Shadow psychology was first popularized by the imminent professor Carl Jung. The shadow is the unconscious aspect of ourselves that we cannot consciously identify with. There are positive aspects to the shadow side.

People pleasers- need to start identifying with their anger and start telling people NO straight up, No. Because these types of people are brought up in such a way that they respect others to the degree where they cannot attain to ever letting someone down; well they have difficult times satisfying the natural ability to help themselves before helping others. They believe this will sabotage or diminish their emotional well being and this is not a positive thing. All the people pleasers out there, you need to say No when your too tired 😴, get some sleep. Get a massage, go relax and do things for yourself. Your own emotional well being.

This shadow contains deep fears and insecurities, obviously pertaining to negative tendencies. It then projects these fears and securities onto other people. People project their own negative tendencies onto others in order to cope with their own pain or personal trauma. It is best to confront this pain from within and allow yourself to be free of it. For Jung , the best way to explore the shadow side was through dream work and symbolic analysis.

The shadow was referred to as the “unconscious” also referring back to Sigmund Freuds ideologies around this topic as well as Fredrich Nietzsche. This concept of the shadow self has become much more popular in recent times due to the dominance of the law of attraction. Now, more then ever people are involved in dream working their lives to create whatever it is they want to accomplish. As well as, self assessment – questionnaires to dissolve shadow tendencies and bring the conscious mind to the forefront instead of shadow self.

You see the shadow self is the underlying pain or suffering one has endured. This isn’t beneficial for anyone. To come to terms with it , takes a lot of time and effort and it really needs to be confronted to get to the core root of the problem in order to deal with it head on.

The Law of Attraction :

First popularized by jerry and Esther Hicks in the 2006 movie ” The Secret”. They stated to be channeling a non-physical entity known as Abraham. However, when Jerry Hicks passed away in 2011 from cancer a lot of people questioned the authenticity of the movement.

Esther Hicks , presumably his wife : is still very much involved and has a massive following. The law of attraction is demonstrated and alluded to in many historical societies and in present time spiritual texts and scriptures, even life coaches who discuss it during seminars or one on one topics with clients.

They brought it back to public awareness, however in a 21st century type of context to make people more prone to using this type of knowledge. However, the law of attraction really goes back to ancient times.

It places a new emphasis on what you desire and your emotional state. These things were considered distorted or wrong in esoteric times, however , they are not evil , they are what is the truth and bringing that awareness into a universal language. Emotional vibrations in the state of the law of attraction rather then mental thoughts is what gives the strength of manifestation. Based on feelings as opposed to thoughts and this is a completely new paradigm.

The Law of Attraction makes perfect sense and so does the idea of the shadow side “Unconscious” however, which one is better to teach? I teach both! It is up to you!

Do not discriminate against either since they are both great ways to be easily applied together. You may find that when doing positivity work , it may bring up the hidden shadows. The focus is on understanding how the shadow works and increases your levels of positivity and spiritual healing.

Focus on positive psychology. There also is a difference between ignoring something and focusing on the positive side of things. By meeting your difficulties head on, you will be able to face them upfront. Try to look towards the future and be optimistic about what it has in store for you. Avoiding the past and your inner demons has been the number one reason to inquire future growth and development. Avoiding something emotionally could also lead to unhappiness, according to psychology experts. To develop a really healthy mindset, you must focus on both of these to acquire true ratification of the self.

All my love to your prosperity in all areas of your life ❤️


Laura Zukerman

Owner and Founder At The Goddess Bibles By Laura Zukerman

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The Subconscious Mind and Self-Programming or Reprogramming it to create Strategic Planning for our Future Self

A great metaphor is that the human mind is like a computer programming system. It takes in the input from a variety of sources and generates output to other sources. However, we are not fully aware of what we are taking in subconsciously. Most of our activity in the brain is actually governed by the subconscious mind as opposed to the conscious mind. Whatever we plant into our subconscious mind, nourishing it with repetitive thought patterns and emotional well being , will one day become a reality.

Our subconscious mind rules our behaviors. This is a scientific fact as well as a phenomenon which was documented by Carl Jung and Sigmund Freud. It has also been mentioned in ancient texts such as the Vedas. It is also mentioned by spiritual scholars throughout the ages. So now , we need to create strategies to reprogram our subconscious minds, in ways that are more beneficial for our well being.

Our subconscious minds have picked up various tendencies from birth that are still with us today. We are also implemented with misconstrued ideas of what we should do rather then what we need to do, because of advertising 24/7! Online media, where we spend most of our time – really ruins the subconscious minds thought patterns as well as our physical environment, where we see billboards and items for sale that are in shops. Being careful about what we invest into our minds mentally , physically and emotionally, is one of the best ways to reprogram our subconscious. Also the use of affirmations is a great way to reprogram our mind. Always look into the mirror when affirming what you want or believe. Start with I am and then continue your statement, then do another, and another. Try doing 5 -10 affirmations a day for 30 days, the same ones so it becomes ingrained in your mind and into the universe!!

Affirmations are an extremely effective tool to program our minds to create personal and financial success! Affirmations work best when the mind is receptive to pinpointing them correctly, best during the morning hours or right before bed. Another time to repeat your affirmations is during mediation , when you have no resistance to what you want to attain , it is a fluid thought.

Affirmations must be repeated over and over to really attain the success we want out of them otherwise our subconscious will not receive the messages loud and clear! For maximum results you attain the affirmative internally as well as externally. Speak them out loud or in your mind.

If you believe affirmations are not going to work for you, there is a system we know of called positive beliefs where a therapist of a hypnotist will hypnotize their patients into a positive belief (with their consent). If the negative belief re-emerges it means that the subconscious has it deeply ingrained into your mind. You might need to use brain wave entrainment, with this technique, it will allow all of your brain waves to align in perfect order to reprogram your subconscious mind!

Take an online test and see where you have limiting beliefs. They could be around self – love, relationships , money , abundance , happiness ; whatever the case may be , we will get down to the root cause of it and fix it!

There are other self programming strategies that you can use to program your mind. You could record yourself saying affirmations and listen to this recording for an hour or so. Subconsciously saying these affirmations will affirm them in your brain. Start with some of these “I am rich” , “I am Powerful”, “I radiate beauty”, “I am intelligent”, “I am beautiful” , these are great affirmations and keep going from there!

When your sitting at your desk for 8 hours a day you could think about your affirmations to kill some time if you have no work to do. This is a great way to train your brain to think of the positives!

You could also seek out a life coach such as myself or someone else and maybe see a therapist. I or they can take you through the process of getting to the root of why certain thought patterns have been ingrained in your subconscious mind.

Self programming begins with two parts – what you can program yourself with to train your mind to let go of negative thought patterns. The second is to block out the limiting beliefs you might have. You might be telling yourself I am extremely intelligent , however: the world might tell you otherwise. I’m here to tell you, get rid of people who drain your inner being and want you to have self limiting belief patterns. The world is your oyster , you can say anything you believe to be true! Remember only positive thoughts!! Also by limiting time spent on social media or watching the advertisements in general, it might allow yourself to feel better.

All my Love ,


Laura Zukerman

Owner and Founder At The Goddess Bibles A Memoir By Laura Zukerman

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Serious Mental Development !

Once you have a good environment, with a reasonable diet and regular exercise, you can derive practices that are more directly oriented towards growing mentally. Remember everything you do is stretching the mind to some degree or another.

Whether it be exercise, writing , walking , journaling , talking, speaking , acting , seeing and visualizing something; these are all ways we can expand our minds capabilities.

The best practices for you to really master your own personal psychology are as follows. How often and to what degree you want to extend yourself is up to you.

The first practice is meditation

Meditation, should come as no surprise because it is the best kind of practice for mental development. It involves sitting down quietly (lotus position) legs crossed, like a pretzel. Then, observing the movements of the mind.

After a period of time the mind begins to quiet down and become less frantic. You will be able to monitor and control your thoughts. While, not being reactive to outside events.

The two most popular kinds of meditation are Vipassana and Transcendental meditation. There is a number of scientific literatures based on the great things these can do for your body, extensively. There is no need to have an excuse as to why you can not start a regular mediation routine. It is verified by science , practiced by many high- level individuals , and has historic roots in spiritual systems and cultures.

Twice a day for 20 minutes is the recommended time frame for optimal results. In the Morning and then in the evening. You could also consider an intense course for a week to really get the ball rolling!

Yoga is the second practice

Yoga is the practice involving bodily movements , these are created through, the breath, concentration, balance , flexibility and physical strength. When the movements are executed properly, the person will come into a flowing state tranquility. By using the coordination of concentration, physical endurance and breathing , it will help control the mind into a state of relaxation. The mind must not be active. This is best completed when you do this as a regular habitual forming process and then in-turn it will come into your conscious thought patterns.

The third thing is Fasting

Fasting is actually considered one of the best things to do to master your mindset. Food is the way we survive, giving up food for a period of time can have many benefits and takes an immense amount of willpower. Fasting is the only thing that has been proven to create longevity in rats. Humans also perform at their highest peak, when they are hungry. Their are many different types of fasting, these include water fasting, dry fasting , juice fasting- you could also pertain this to a cleansing of the body. A good idea is to do a juice cleanse or fasting once a month for two to three days for optimal results. This can have a great effect on the brain emotionally and mentally. Detoxifying, allows your brain to heal back to its original state of being.

Mindfulness is next

Mindfulness has many different forms and there are distinguishable mindfulness practices that one can complete to attain maximum results. Mindfulness and meditation can be combined as one to create a sense of awareness. Mindfulness is usually correlating to the breathes we take , make sure to always be breathing in and out. Sometimes, we are talking and thinking we forget to just breathe. Also being in the present moment is huge for mindfulness because it allows you to synchronize your mind to be aware of what your doing in the now.

Concentration is the fifth thing to do for mental clarity

Intense concentration, is the focusing of the mind. According to scientific research, wide varieties of concentration techniques can be acquired when you focus tentatively on a task. Maybe, staring at the computer 💻 , a word pops up at you and you focus on that word for 10 minutes. Another way to focus could be staring at the orange juice container you just drank from for ten minutes, because it correlates to concentration.

practicing anything with passion and intensity is the sixth module for acquiring master mindfulness.

Find something that you are exuberantly passionate about. Focus on this with such intensity that it will begin to correlate into your mind what it is you truly desire or yearn for. These can include martial arts, dancing, singing , painting , creating a business; or anything that your mental awareness is getting 100 % of your mental attention from. This will allow you to not have any negative thoughts when doing the things you love. All of these are aimed at one particular activity, meaning you won’t have the time to think about emotional traumas , heart break , financial loss etc. It will close in on controlling the mind to remove those destructive patterns.

Unless you are really passionate about something , it will be difficult to develop, you need the concentration and motivation to do these things will total consistency. Do not give up on yourself, keep doing what you love , your doing it for a reason ; because you love doing it. When the going gets tough, keep going!!

Next are Advanced Protocols

These are ways that you can adjust to getting real mental clarity. They are designed so that you can create breakthroughs. By considering an 11 day silent retreat or even a 7 day silent retreat, you will be able to quiet the mind. Pick a serene location, out in nature. Meditate twice a day at-least, complete a yoga routine that you have studied online or in a class or at a gym. Try sticking to a diet that is without alcohol, sugar and processed foods. Maybe even try going vegan for the retreat if you can! No technology allowed on the retreat, this is because it will interfere with your mental performance.

If you do this about once every few months and then go back into your work environment; it will help you to understand that your normal work environment is chaotic. However, while in the retreat , you will he in a calm, serene state of being. By attaining a peaceful state you will lose all thought of fear and anxiety in your everyday life.

All my Love,


Laura Zukerman

Owner and Founder at The Goddess Bibles A Memoir By Laura Zukerman

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Advertising and Media are destructing your own personal thoughts!

If the majority of our actions are subconscious and advertising and the media are specifically aimed at manipulating our environment , that means that they have a large say in how our minds think and behave. Scientific data has shown that people are victims of advertising even when they themselves are impenetrable to it.

Our subconscious minds always take in what our conscious minds might not. We are all victims to the surrounding environment which is aimed at subverting our actions- this means to throw off how we are actually feeling and thinking. This does an excellent job because consumers begin to pay for things in excessive manners. Always needing the newest thing.

If you are serious about developing your mind it needs to be in crystal clear condition. Try to Reduce your exposure to advertising and media when appropriate. This doesn’t mean going to the movies and enjoying yourself. This means turning off the TV if you feel it negatively affecting you. Looking away from an advertisement if it negatively is affecting you. If you don’t do this you subconscious mind will immediately take in negative content which will be reflected in your daily conscious activities. Do not try to actively seek out this negative information, do not wish harm on others, do not do wrong towards others: this will only help you.

By fooling yourself that you need to keep in touch with reality- reality operates on your own terms. Do not let pointless information from advertising, the media and other people take up valuable brain space in your mind. This is cognitive dissonance. By limiting this type of exposure , you need to get organized. As well as , creating an empowering environment that becomes beneficial for your clear thinking habits to happen.

Try tuning into your creative power

Try thinking about things that make you happy

Try making plans with friends and family or people who lift you up, rather then people who drag you down!

All my Love ,


Laura Zukerman

Owner and Founder at The Goddess Bibles A Memoir By Laura Zukerman

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Commit to developing how to change your mindset

The first step in changing your mindset is how to understand your mind. Your thoughts are ultimately what determine your everyday experiences.

You see, people have certain thought patterns that were acquired because they picked them up from society , from their parents, from groups or organizations and so on. They then project these thought patterns onto their surroundings. Then, they believe that their truth is the right way. However, you are mistaken.

The truth is different for every single person in humanity. This depends on a persons particular thought pattern, this is why we have so much diversity in our world! Isn’t is wonderful to be diverse?

A extreme component in learning about spiritual growth and healing is that we need to let go of what we learned at such a young age. Then we will learn how to remove and instill different thoughts and beliefs that we truly believe. We will then become the masters of our own minds.

This is why meditation is recommended across the world and in all cultures. The reason being is because we are able to calmly observe our own thoughts and patterns without reaction and involvement. This is only one of the ways that we are able to see things differently. See, we sometimes identify with our gender, our political ideologies , nationality , our class stereotypes, this isn’t the right thing to do.

By understanding the power of your own mind it will allow you to identify and be a conciliatory creator of your own reality. Understanding the power of thoughts and belief systems is the first step to personal mastery.

The insanity of the mind creates irrational thinking , illogical ideas and insane thought patterns. Requiring yourself to observe the mind and detach from it, allows you to see its dtysfunctionalality. Then on a grander scale we can also observe the dysfunction with the wars, the hate, environmental deconstruction, racism, sexism, homophobia , political attacks, broken relationships, governmental spying programs, smartphone addictions, health problems and More! Something is wrong with the human population as a whole , this is because millions of minds are not in the right place! On the positive side; meditation can also be a way to tap into your creative genius.

Media social and political also are programming our minds into a state of disempowerment and fear. Advertising as well , it encourages smoking , drinking and consuming unhealthy things for our body. Such as, sugar , caffeine and more. When you look at something even if you think you haven’t had it change your thinking patterns , it does in some way. It leaves a mental impression in your subconscious mind.

Some scientific discoveries and psychological observations in understand how the mind works include the facts as follows:

1. The mind cannot distinguish between real and imaginary.

2. 95% of your activity is ingrained in your subconscious mind.

3. Your subconscious is like a computer system, it has stored everything that has ever happened to you in this life time.

4. We are bombarded with 2 million bits of data every second. It is the job of the subconscious mind to filter through all of this.

5. The conscious mind remember between 5-9 pieces of information. This information is passed to the subconscious mind for processing to free up conciliatory space.

6. Most of our energy expenditure goes towards our brains.

These discoveries have important indications. If the majority of our lives are filled by our subconscious mind , it follows that we should try to manipulate our subconscious mind opposed to our conciliatory ability’s or conscious abilities.

According to Carl Jung “Until you make the unconscious conscious , it will direct your life and you will call it fate.” To program our subconscious minds we need to start affirming new ideas, we might need to under go a self hypnosis of empowerment. There are also other things to create a positive mindset for growth and fulfillment.

Mental strength is the idea that your thoughts determine your environment. By understanding that you can command your thoughts is the first step to doing this! When you commit to a daily routine of developing mental and emotional strength , is takes real discipline , patience as well as character. The idea that we can manifest everything we want is misguided. The fact is that you could have spent the last 30-40 years anti-manifesting!

When you focus on worry and stress, you eat the wrong foods, you are in toxic relationships – you have limiting beliefs that have been ingrained in you since childhood. It could take years to rid yourself of these thoughts and ideas. You have to be constantly aware or vigilant about what you are thinking and what you are consuming.

Increasing your mental and emotional power can start with exercise. Self development can begin for you today, with so many resources at your disposal. Especially with the internet and instant communication person to person, emailing, texting, whatever you want to do, do it now. We need willpower and determination!! So don’t stop , go do it!

Again, exercise is a basic way to build mental strength. Write out your goals and objectives and see if you can stick with them. This might seem like basic advice however, diet and exercise are valuable insights into the way we behave. They are actually the two foundational modalities that mental health can be built upon. Keeping track of your fundamentals will help you! Build a strong character and a healthy body!

As we stated before diet is a great start to developing your mental strength. We all get the idea of knowing that Ice cream, caffeine, sugar and other processed foods are bad for our bodily functioning. Try and see if you can go without caffeine for a week. I literally drank caffeine everyday multiple times a day for years. I then cut it out and I feel so much better. If you try to cut out just one bad thing for you for a week, and stick with it, you might examine how much better you feel.

Your environment determines your behavior. It is imperative to understand the surroundings of your environment. For mental strength, try to manipulate the environment first. This way you will be taking away the opportunity to fail. This means making use of the concept of minimalism as much as possible. The less information and distractions , the clearer your mind will be. Clean your room , your office , even your computer files. This will positively impact your emotional and mental wellbeing.

In my next article we will be discussing more on this topic.

“Mistakes are what made you learn. In the end, you get screwed over by nasty people.” – Laura Zukerman

All my love


Laura Zukerman

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When you need to be somewhere at a certain time and leave an hour before but still get stuck in crazy traffic!!

NYC needs to start taking public transportation way more , the amount of cabs and cars there are in this city is crazy! I really don’t understand why it’s takes an hour to go 40 blocks!! Someone please move aside like Jim Carrey from the movie with Morgan Freeman where he always says Bea-u-t-iful. If only that would happen in real life. Let’s move people!!


Laura Zukerman

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How to not be in fluctuation with your energy system.

Balance : is known as the state of equilibrium that is inherent in our human conditioning process. Our world today is out of balance, which is why we feel an imbalance in our brains and our bodies. Our lives become affected by constant change, new technologies, globalization and uncertainty.

This triggers the way we do things, because we feel like we always need to keep up with the world around us. If we have a life balance , it is the capability to have discipline to meet the obligations and demands we face in our everyday life. It can be a challenge for many of us, considering the fact that work and business take up a lot of our time. If you have a life that is unbalanced, it is time for that to change.

Here are the ways in which you will know what acutes to having a life that is unbalanced

1. You have little or no time for relationships that are important to you.

2. You often work overtime and travel a lot for work.

3. Take no breaks or very few while working

4. Become forgetful and complain about having too much going on. Making mistakes also is something we do when we have too many thoughts or things to do.

5. No time for exercise

6. Difficulty falling asleep

7. Wrong food consumption or eating too much, or nothing at all.

8. Coffee and stimulant use or other drugs to keep you calm and also wind you down, this is also attaining to alcohol consumption.

Now : life balance is about joyfully loving ourselves and living a life we can manage. Being balanced between the extremities of chaos and order. Standing still and moving, work and leisurely time. It is about having the feeling of control , total control; when shifting from one to the other and being willing and able to do so.

Being in complete balance and creating that in-sync disposition, is the way we learn to have a life balance. We feel connected with ourselves while still feeling connected to our environment and it becomes a synchronization to everything we do on a daily basis.

The body , the mind and the spirit are not separate beings, they are a whole. The equilibrium plays a tedious role when synchronized.

Relationships and family : to have successful relationships with your family and in your working environment is crucial for a balanced lifestyle. Relationships also could potentially prolong your life.

Having a life purpose : without a purpose to your life, you will have no meaning to what you are trying to accomplish, always find a reason for what your doing and why your doing those things.

Work and achievements : when you love your work and become fully ingrained in what you do, you may feel a slight imbalance only because it might take up a lot of your time. However, being successful and achieving your focused goals will allow you to have balance when you don’t finish a project right away; you actually keep it there until the next day so you can start fresh in the morning.

Taking appropriate action when circumstances arise maintains our equilibrium. You respond accordingly when things come up in the present moment, you don’t jump to something with stress or frustration!

Every situation is going to be different from person to person and from one obstacle to the next. For instance , if your on a diet; it is going to be different then someone else’s diet plan! You get it? Good!

The only constant we have in this life time is change , do not stay frozen in one obstacle , keep moving and achieving what you need to do! Feel the waves come in and ride with them. Begin to feel the universal energy and ride with it. This will be guiding you in the right direction.

Balance is a sense of harmony. Your life is essentially made up of many vital areas: they are family, health, intellectual , financial, work , social , recreational , spiritual, romance, personal growth and fulfillment and more. Do not spend equal amounts of energy in every area each day. However, when you spend a sufficient amount of quality time on some of these areas, you will feel fulfilled. Then, when you spend a quantity of time on other areas, you life will feel in balance.

Your areas of importance that you will now or have awareness of, is what matters to us.

1. Our minds, this includes the likes of learning, emotions, focus, reading , vision mental skills.

2. Body, including our health , exercise , energy, sport , wellness, fitness, beauty and your outlook of your own body!

3. Spirit : be present, raise consciousness, meditate, be in contact with your soul purpose.

4. Social: your spouse, boyfriend or girlfriend , family, friends , work relationships and any other relationships you have.

Finances: savings , money that you can spend every week, things you own and your materialistic belongings.

Travel and Leisure: partying , celebrating , down time.

Profession: your personal fulfillment to society and related to work of course.

Do not negate or neglect any of these areas or you will then create a sabotage to your life style that we want in balance, accordingly.

All my Love and Affection


Laura Zukerman

Owner and Founder

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A Memoir By Laura Zukerman

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