Be WHO you are

By being present and staying engaged in the moment you will realize the journey you are supposed to embark on. This will initiate you to have more faith and less resilience So many of the planetary movements are shifting right now. By stepping into a greater domain, you can fulfill your true potential. Nothing is going to be complicated when you just learn to breathe , believe and trust that everything is already happening for you. Shed light on the things you need to work on and embrace the journey as it unfolds. Inward journeys are all about being where you are in the now. Be where you are, be present. You are perfect the way you are and you are not meant to always feel attractive , happy , inspired , playful and joyful. You will feel a few wounds and triggers that are limiting your pain, yet this could be extremely liberating when consciously brought to your heart, only you know your own way. Not everyone is going to understand your path and that’s okay. Allow yourself to experience pure, raw , empathetic and ruthlessly honoring love within yourself and in your life. Alchemy is a process that helps you create. You are not meant to stay wounded, you are meant to be lead back home to retrieve aspects of your soul. Move through your wounds and into your inner being , wholeness. Helping others. Forgive , even if there’s nothing to forgive yourself for at the moment. Witness your wounds as doorways to a new life , this will enter into your heart – make it feel like big life upgrades are coming because they are. Your wounds will show you how to be compassionate , I am a life healer so if you listen to me , you can understand this better. It is time to align your chakras and core energy in every aspect of your life. There may be times where you feel like the right path for you is not showing up. You may still feel down , lost , make mistakes stumble and fall. It’s about finding another way , it’s about knowing you and finding your way: it’s asking you to be discovered, trusted , believed and to surrender sacrality. The seed of creation already lives inside of you. Once you see this no one else can love you like you love yourself, your own genius is used to create a form of light. It’s all about your frequency and perceptive. Clear your energy and cultivate it – this is by taking responsibility. The path won’t always be clear but trust in this path. When you have a clear mind , you will know your way and the path will be so clear. It won’t change you , it will evolve with you. Now, let yourself listen to your deeper voice and guidance , the one that shows you there is another way. The path that guides you into letting yourself be guided by what’s within you instead of who is outside of you. Always remember who YOU are. Never ever Forget that.

All my love

Love You All Dearly,

Laura Zukerman

Owner and Founder at The Goddess Bibles A Memoir By Laura Zukerman

Becoming Your Inner Goddess

Tapping into your Inner Goddess Wisdom