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First, I want to start off by saying that investing your time in your future goals needs to start NOW. First, spend time thinking about the goals you want to achieve. Next, Do something. You will spend a lot of time thinking about your goals. It is crucial that your goal achievement for enhancement does not stop there. Obviously, once you create that goal you are going to embark on a journey on how to manifest it. A really ideal starting point would be to recognize and except the right that you have to shape your future. When you were younger , or even as you get older, maybe people were making certain decisions for you. Well, if you listen to other people, you will never attain your ultimate happiness! That is the end result we want to obtain for you. Who’s permission do you actually need if you want to succeed in this lifetime. The answer is no one but yourself. You are the approver of your own destiny. Take a blank piece of paper out, start writing down the goals you want to obtain. Goal setting is when you use your imagination to come up with ideas that you want to foster into your life. Do not put limits on your beliefs , this is extremely imperative. This is not unrealistic expectations, it’s science based factual information. Don’t deny yourself opportunity, especially when you will regret it later. Begin with the big picture , the choices you make in ten years time; will be the choices you are writing and creating now. It can be anything you want it to be , a career goal, a life goal, a project you want to obtain success on at work. Whatever it might be write it all down. Next, I want you to refine your goals. What are the reasons and core values that are going to manifest your dream reality one day? Make sure you choose your own goals , focus and don’t lose concentration. Now, start breaking your overall goals down into smaller goals. Then, I want you to make a daily to do list. This begins by writing one or two sentences. An example , ” I will set up my own business because I am great at crafting ideas and embroidery 🧵.” These goals need to be attainable and smart. Specific, relevant and time framed. What exactly will I do with my business ” I will teach others the life coaching skills and abilities that I know.” ” I want my business to grace markets worldwide, so that I can send my knowledge to the world.” You get the idea. Now ask yourself, what exactly do I want to achieve? What will it feel and look like? What parts of it are under my control? Which can I influence? Are there any that I will have to leave to chance? Well, you are probably asking yourself these questions right now and truthfully, you can attain what you deem measurable for you! Meaning, what is of value and importance to you, but make it attainable! Make sure you have time restrictions on when you want your goals to be achieved by. You might ask questions like where am I now? When do I need to start? Where do I want to be by the end of the year? Where do I want to be by the end of the month? set deadlines for yourself, it’s the only applicable thing to do. When you set smart goals, you will then put the piece of paper up where you can see it. Check off what you have finished. What you need to finish, and so on. Now your going to devise the plan, don’t just take action. Plans are there for a reason, to help you through the process. Now, your going to write this down. However, remember that by making this list of plans, you need to think about the plan of action and the time span it will take you to attain that goal. You can go over one of my other pieces where I discuss essential planning. Now your going to develop the confidence to succeed. Have the confidence and self beliefs that you will manifest these goals to you. If you put in the work and have self confidence and belief; in attaining these goals. Ignore the voices around you, listen to your inner being and believe in your success. Confidence boosters are a great way to keep your mind at ease. You will use self talk. Believe what your inner voice is actually telling you to do , it is your best asset. Talk to yourself with those affirmations that I have already discussed with you before. Now, your going to pretend like your an expert, even if your not yet. Think positively about what your doing. If you mock someones behavioral patterns, it could allow you to realize, oh I can do that! Your attitude is everything! Put on that bold face go out into the world and be the incredible you that you were meant to be. Lastly, if you need to learn a skill or a set of skills to attain your goal, make sure you learn and develop implementation. One good thing I actually had a friend or colleague do, was write an email to all of his closest friends and family about his greatest strengths, telling them to be brutally honest. Once you find what your good at there’s no stopping you! Now manifest what you want through motivation! No one is ever going to succeed without some sort of effort! It doesn’t work that way. Recognize your trigger points because if your able to deal with them now, you won’t have problems when things might steer you off course a bit. Stop breathe think and now Go for the Gold!


Laura Zukerman

Owner and Founder At The Goddess Bibles A Memoir By Laura Zukerman

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