How does our Mind Influence our Body? They are One! Read on 😍

It is not correct to think that our mind and our body are made up of separate entities. Our physiology, biology and psychology can not exist independently; they are one entity united together, that forms who we are. Know that your mood is what is connected to your physiology while your physiology is also linked to your mood. You see? The mind is so powerful because it controls our thoughts and our body systems. That’s why I always ask people how they are feeling mentally when physically ill, the reasoning behind this is all scientific fact. Your mind is capable of uplifting your immune system. If you stay positive and are surrounded by people positive people and those who love you. This is known that you can actually overcome illness; even if it’s severe, when your in a positive state of mind! On the former, stress overpowers our immune system while happiness strengthens it. Stress changes your biology and the genes you express, this can then be passed along to your children. If you are extremely stressed out when your conceiving, it is actually proven that your child is less likely to be a stressed out person as they develop from child into adult. Stress doesn’t allow you to digest food properly. This can lead to malnutrition, even if you are eating properly! Your gut will also play a role in the way your mood behaves at certain points in time. Your gut, contains as many neurons as your brain, crazy right? Well, the bacteria that live in your gut can affect your mood. This is why we say when we have gut instincts and intuition or a sixth sense, we’re not wrong. The gut is somewhat like a second brain. A recent theory in psychology that has been developed is embodied cognition, this theory is set to link the body and the brain. Everyone only thinks the brain is the main controller. People who study the brain know that it was known as morphology or phonology. It is a concept that can also be referred to as the philosophy of the mind and cognitive science also plays a role in this as well. The 💡 is that someone says something to you and you brain would take that and turn that into concepts and pictures without using words. This, is known as mentalese. the body plays a vital role in the process as well. it causes rashes on your skin, it’s a terrible thing to be stressed out. Now, currently, doctors of psychiatry , psychologists and scientists state that when someone speaks to you about something, it is known that we visualize what this person is saying. This visualization comes from them speaking about their experience, as if we were there. This is why the brain and the body work as one entity, not separate.


Laura Zukerman

Owner and Founder at The Goddess Bibles A Memoir By Laura Zukerman

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