How Do You Let GO Of Self Doubt 💁🏿

All of us were born with amazingly talented skills and abilities. Have you ever met someone who has stopped doing what they love to do because they felt like they failed at achieving success or they were being ridiculed. If you can relate, you should keep reading. People who go through this kind of emotional traumatic experience tend to carry a burden on their shoulders. They are always thinking about what might have been instead of what is! This is because the problem all stemmed from self doubt and was caused by other people’s perceptions of them. When your faced with adversity , you have to have the drive and motivation to pull through! Don’t give up and feel like you are not worthy, you are so worthy!! People who are professionals in their industries, they are always on point! People admire and respect these types of people! Why? Because they don’t doubt themselves when they want to accomplish something! When faced with a setback, they pull through instead of letting go! They know that their next attempt will be successful because they are persistent and tactful. There Minds are like a sponge , absorbing up the universal energy that is positive and keeps attracting more positive energy back to them! Be one of these people!! By conditioning your brain to be successful and with their intrinsic ability for a greater self confidence, they achieve success! It’s that easy! To have confidence , you need to practice something and then practice makes perfect as they would like to say. When doing something habitually over and over again until you nailed the icing on the cake; you dissolve your self doubt. You have now become a master of success and at your dream goal! When faced with affliction, you don’t stop! You keep that pain and make that pain form into power. How? Instead of enduring your pain and feeling sorry for yourself, pick yourself up and keep moving!! Everything will come into alignment for you when you are so capable no one can prove you wrong. Egotistical, hell no! Self Confident- hell yes!!


Laura Zukerman

Owner and Founder at The Goddess Bibles A Memoir By Laura Zukerman

Becoming Your Inner Goddess