Tapping into that Inner Wisdom 😇

Good morning beautiful Souls!! Sorry I had to get to bed early yesterday, so I wanted to fix my articles for you this morning. When we speak on the idea of Inner Wisdom, we think, well what is it exactly? It is basically your intuitive thought process telling you that you are right, you were right and to keep that thought there and never let it go. Therefore, we have talked about the conflicts between the conscious mind and the subconscious mind. The conscious mind believes that you can be or do anything you want while the subconscious mind just thinks pessimistically, most of the time. This is because it was wired to think this way since birth. Due to past alliances you had with your parents, teachers, classmates, schoolmates and maybe even your siblings, whatever the case might be, you are now prone to thinking and acting a certain way immediately.This is because you were programmed in your theta state to think like a child and your blueprint really never changed for you. It is very compelling and earth shattering to hear someone tell you that. However, it is the harsh reality. So, let’s discuss the process of creation of the mind. When wanting to create something new, You need to understand that you need to think on a different wavelength. You see, your ability to tap into your subconscious mind, was completely misaligned when you were a child, therefore your ability to think and act in a rational sense, was and most likely still is not being programmed correctly. When you start using Dr. Robert Anthony’s technique of “Getting Out of your Own Way”, you will be begin to obtain and manifest all that you desire! Why? Well because it is so much easier to tap into your “Inner Wisdom” As Robert Anthony would say. Instead of focusing on what is going on right now, focus on how your going to obtain your next move on manifesting. When you open up an idea for creative energy to flow through you, you begin to feel like you take on the challenge, way more easily than before. Robert Anthony speaks about living in your reality starting today.  This is because you take on the form of reaping what you sow. If your capable of letting go of the fear, the anxiety, the external blueprint that was holding you back, you can now come into alignment with yourself and begin to manifest on a subconscious level! When you want to test the idea out, Robert Anthony speaks about focusing on what is you want to manifest, attain or desire. Therefore when you take the action to get to that place that you want to be, you can begin taking what we like to call, in robert anthony’s terms “Inspired Action.” Why? When you focus on what you want to attain, it might not come out for you the way you have originally planned for yourself. However, it will be beautiful for you regardless. You may be out of line with how to manifest correctly. At least it is a starting point for yourself. This is really about living in the moment and being the “deliberate creator” of your own reality! It is way more powerful than you think! Give it a try! 🙏 Thank you to Dr Robert Anthony on your innate and inspired wisdom, true genius.


Laura Zukerman

Owner and Founder at The Goddess Bibles A Memoir By Laura Zukerman

Becoming Your Inner Goddess