Let’s talk about Neuroplasticity and why it is so important!

Hey Everyone!! Happy rising, on the 11th of April. It is funny because well, my sleep has been off for days. However, I finally slept really well last night and felt like I could put a final foundation on my writing. Why are people so quick to judge?!! I said this last night as I was falling asleep , rough drafting on my writing. No one knows what anyone else is going through, it is not your place to embark on their cognitive dissonance. Alright so now that we have cleared up the idea of negative thinking leading you to a negative reality, making you look foolish, we will get back to discussing what we are here for today which is, neuroplasticity. Here today, we are discussing neuroplasticity and also the idea of never to act on instinct. This idea of acting on impulse or instinct will always, always steer you in the wrong direction. Therefore, making you look foolish, and you really do not want that outcome. A women that I have worked with on changing my neuroplasticity is Natalie Ledwell. She is a renowned author that I enjoy working with on her creation of the mindful movie matrix. She discusses this idea on Neuroplasticity. She says that the human mind is so powerful that it actually can create and erase your neural pathways. It does not matter, currently where you are in your lifetime, right now. You are capable of taking this on. Like I have said before and I will reiterate again, it does not matter how old you are, where you come from, what you do. You were born with a neuroplasticity, that was not damaged. However, over time, your neuroplasticity begins to well, deteriorate.

This is due to the aging process. Now, Natalie begins to speak on the factor of “Changing the Childhood Imprint.” She says, well, by changing your childhood imprint for the former, you can begin to achieve whatever was holding you back. It is somewhat of the same thing as tapping into your subconscious mind. Now, with Neuroplasticity, the whole idea is developing new brain cells (nerve cells) in the mind, to gravitationally put your mind at ease from harm or disease purposes. So, Natalie, is very funny. She talks about the idea of what is the difference between the mind of a rich person versus a poor person. I mean, ridiculous right? Not at all. Actually, the difference is formulated by science, through quantum physics and the rationality of it all comes back to that same number, zero. Zero, is the number of the difference between the mind of the former. Now I really like what Natalie discusses on the Idea of Neuroplasticity creating the mind of this money magnet from a rich mind instead of someone who repels money. She says that while rich people are able to manifest, well, anything they desire, it is do to the fact that they maintain these sort of habits and have a decision making process that creates the mind to think and grow rich. Not necessarily for themselves, although it could be, for them as well as others. Well, you can now take control of your brains Neuroplasticity. How do you do this? Through practice! Well Neuroplasticity has a decoding of the mind through years of always thinking and acting the same ways, you need to maintain a level of ease, it might be painful. The other thing I want to reiterate with people is to never ever think immediately on instinct, it really could mess up your flow of energy. Do not let fear hold you back from attaining what you want out of life. You can and will manifest all you want out of the life you have set out for yourself.

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❤️ Laura Zukerman

Owner and Founder of The Goddess Bibles a Memoir by Laura Zukerman

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