How to be Successful!

What does it mean exactly, to be successful? Success is a journey with many stops along the way, these stops are destinations that we arrive at. However, this is not our final destination. Success is created by constantly moving towards your amazing goals! What are your habitual ways you attain success? In order to obtain habits for success, you first must obtain goals. What is the psychology behind your habits? Well, it all starts with your motivations that help you to perform a certain way and these motivational habits become a permanent part of your life. By creating a trigger that goes off in your mind, it will create long lasting habit patterns, which will in-turn create motivations to control your choices and desires for obtaining success. If you use visualization to motivate yourself to complete your actions , you will be able to see that end result in your mind. What are goals? More specifically what are your goals? Habitually you can try to do something ; however , without a goal that is driving the force behind it, you will not be fully motivated to captivate that habit. Your goals are your blueprint. There are different ways to approach a goal oriented list. You can start by writing on a piece of paper that says my plan for success. Then make 5 different boxes. Creating this draw a line down the middle , two horizontal lines and then just free your mind from stress, worry or anything clogging your inner well being. Your mind is now ready to obtain its goals. How? Be present, in the NOW. Now, there are different types of goals we are going to discuss: they are long range goals, medium range goals, short range goals, mini goals and micro goals. Now let’s break this down into what each goal represents. Long range goals is the overall style of life you would like to be living ; Whether it’s with your job/career, your living situations, marriage, family.. whatever the case may be, this goal is 5-10 years from now and beyond. Next is medium range goals, which is what you want to obtain throughout the next 5 years. Short range goals are goals that are created in about one months to a years time. Mini goals correlate to a day to about 30 days. Lastly, micro goals are current goals so anything that happens in the next 15 minutes to an hour from now. So what are some great examples of goals? Maybe generalizing this further. We can start by saying that we don’t want to procrastinate so much. Now that you have identified something that you want to change , let’s trick your brain so it stops the bad forming habits and creates a general neutrality of only positive forming habits. By just adding some new habits and benefits to your life and not really saying your going to break other habits , it tricks your brain into thinking you are being rewarded. Instead of saying I’m going to stop procrastinating so much, say I am going to go to the gym everyday for 30-45 minutes each day. I am going to get daily tasks done that I need to do and manage on a daily basis. Stuff like this will train your brain to require implementation of new habit forming skills. Negativity never ever works so don’t even bother trying to be negative on yourself or others when achieving your goals. Triggers are big benefactors into how you live your lifestyle. There are positive and negative triggers , let’s focus on the positives. What causes and creates triggers to get pinpointed ? It all starts with your well being and environment and how they are, how family and friends come into play in your life and eventually how events will manifest themselves into your daily life. You need a really strong mindset to obtain emotional success. Furthermore, financial and whatever else your trying to obtain. Habits are created after a grace period of usually 30 days or so. This is when you progressively get used to a new habit forming in your life. Now, to get back to obtaining your spiritually abundant mindset , we must realize we are always creating a new mindset without even realizing that it is being created. It’s usually when you have a psychological shift from a revelation about something you changed your mind about. This is because you either decided it was untrue or wanted to believe something differently. As we grow older, we change. It’s a part of life. When your building new successful habits and “mindset” ideals for yourself remember to always keep it much more simplistic, rather then difficult. This allows you to cultivate these things more easily into your everyday life and the transition is a lot easier for you as well. As Samuel Johnson says “the chains of habit are too weak to be felt until they are too strong to be broken.” Do not give up on your change !! Keep acquiring it!! It’s all based on how much you really want to change; also , how far you are willing to go to get these results. Now, I’m going to talk to the future you. After you have gone through the mini goal of a 30 day time frame, acquired a new ritual you have taken up and made it a habit forming thing, we are going to go beyond that. First, do a self evaluation and be honest with yourself. Second, if you need to ingrain these habits more into your mind, maybe you need to repeat the process over again for another 30 days. Third, determining the next steps to be taken into account. Fourth, reinforcement is key and crucial to developing new habits. Don’t lose what you have worked so hard to attain in the first place. Lastly we will discuss overcoming barriers to achieve success in all areas of your life. First and foremost, identify the obstacles. These may stem from different parts of your life. These are the different barriers to work on. One, your confidence: have confidence in the ways you want to succeed with whatever your desired outcomes may be and you will attain successful outcomes. Two, your motivational factor: your goals and habit forming mind tricks are here to motivate and enhance your well being. Third, your plan: make sure you have a set plan in mind and everyday your going to write down in your journal what you did to better yourself today. Four, the people who negatively speak badly about your failure- cut cut cut like scissors ✂️ snip them out of your life. Remember that saying misery loves company ; it’s so contradictory but just snip the negative people out. Then they will be alone with no company and realize why. Five, financial obstacles: if you want to start a business; however, you don’t have any credit or money it could be somewhat of a challenge to begin. However, nothing is impossible here! If you want the success and the benefits it brings you, do some research and step on the band wagon! Six, obstacles that could interfere example the idea of bad correlation to health: you always need to be mindful of how your body and mind are. Health is the most important thing. Remember to not let your goals hinder you if an obstacle appears correlating to health concerns but definitely take precautions. Seven, when dealing with difficult circumstances or personal tragedy: tragedy or difficult circumstances beyond your control are very hard to deal with; however, you have to push through!! Fight through that pain and keep proving to yourself that you are worth the pain , suffering and endurance. Make sure no one deters you from your path, not even the influence of family and friends. Believe in yourself and you shall achieve as well as receive! Happy Success and Developing onto and into solid ground rules and habits to creating that success you truly desire.

Love you ❤️

Laura Zukerman

Owner and Founder at The Goddess Bibles a Memoir By Laura Zukerman

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