Astral Projection what it is and how you can attain it through the celebrity hypnotist himself!

Hey everyone!! Who wants to fly to new astral planes? Well, if you know anything about astral projection, it is all mind based. Here, you are tuning into an out of body experience. What basically happens is your physical body stays in a deep state of sleep, while your astral body begins to come out of your physical body! I know it sounds cool doesn’t it? Well, when this begins your astral body begins to fly on many different astral planes. It does this through the process of meditation or hypnosis. These are the two main components that are needed in creating this perfect alignment of an astral body or out of body experience. So, Let’s get back to what Dr. Steve G Jones discusses on his experiences using his techniques. He states, that a astral body experience is something that many have felt throughout the world, don’t you want to try it out for yourself!! Reap the rewards of this amazing process. Astral Projection is a state in which the astral body or spirit separates itself from the physical body temporarily and it begins operating on its own. You may not have been exposed to this idea before. This is also known as an out of body experience. All living beings have an astral body, connected to the physical body, through the umbilicus. (That is your belly button) and that also is connected to something that is known as a silver cord. People from all over the world for centuries, have experienced out of body experiences. We know that in the time of death , the physical body leaves the spiritual body. However, when you reach death, there is obviously no physical body anymore. This is why it is called or known as a near death experience. When the spirit returns to the physical body and the process of death has been stopped, that is astral projection. You however, do not need to come close to death whatsoever to experience it. The safest and most efficient way into astral projection or the traveling on different astral planes is in the dreams like state. You can also attain this through deep mediation and hypnosis. It is also said that people have attained this through drug experiences and surgical procedures, I don’t recommend those two off the bat to attain this. When attaining astral projection through a meditative state , once it is mastered it becomes the safest method and most control for you. You can achieve this out of body experience whenever you want. These are also not a result of your circumstances or external situations. When on drugs or sedated you have no control over this so I highly recommend to do this in hypnotic states or meditative. When you willingly do this, that is true astral projection. They say when you use astral projection to its full potential through a hypnotic state it is extremely powerful. It can guide you to figure out your life purpose. Develop your own skills of ESP (Extra Sensory Perception). Experience feelings of pleasure and joy that only .1 percent of humans have ever experienced. Lastly you can take what you learned from your outcome and apply it to your reality , in obtaining the one you truly desire. Dr Steve G Jones is the world’s leading authoritative astral projector. He says that when he was young he didn’t believe that life was simple and whatever was in front of us was not all to be experienced. He began diving into books of hypnosis and mind power. By the age of 15 he had the knowledge of the powers of hypnosis. He wanted to travel the world, he did not have the means at a young age. Therefore, he did it with his mind. By tapping into the power of his mind and achieving a state of hypnosis he was able to project wherever he wanted to go to in a matter of seconds. Since then, he has spent the last 25 years refining his techniques and testing them. As a practitioner, he knows exactly what it takes to enter into the state of mind where you use astral projection. He says , it is not only possible, but immediate. He is known as the celebrity hypnotist. He now has the most dynamic program on astral projection known to man and if you want to purchase it, you can look him up! Learn more on why he is so passionate about this idea and why it really does wonders!


Laura Zukerman

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