What exactly are affirmations? Let’s chat about them and then you start using them to your advantage! Alright cool 😎

Affirmations are a declaration to the universe of what you want to create out of the life you are currently living. They are a set of mantras that you repeat constantly. Whether in the mirror, in the shower, in the car or wherever you have the time to do so, affirm to yourself that “I Am”… and go along with what it is you are or want to attain! Affirmations can help you raise your energy vibration level. They can also reprogram your subconscious mind to start believing these things that you are now affirming. This will transform your thoughts and words into an acquired new way your brain will start to think and reprimand information; therefore you will see tangible results. Affirmations are to relieve any negative doubts your mind has, and clears away the blocks that are holding you back from what you really want. This will enable your mind to energetically align with the positive statements you keep reassuring to yourself , even if your not quite sure what you are doing yet ; keep going! Quietly figure out what it is you want from your life. Then jot down a ton of ideas and create them into affirmations that you want to create for yourself. These are basically mantras that you will tell yourself on a daily basis, until they come true and then you tell yourself new ones. Try to feel so connected to your affirmations as they are now going to become your new truth! Declaring your affirmation is easier then you think, just think about it for awhile each day and process it in your mind. After about 30 days , it should be habit. You will then keep attaining this, until you see it come to fruition. An example of an affirmation would be to tell yourself in the mirror everyday… I am beautiful, I am strong , I am courageous , I am resilient , I am smart … always stay positive!! Let the universe do the rest!! Happy affirming 🙏

Love you ❤️

Laura Zukerman

Owner and Founder at The Goddess Bibles by Laura Zukerman

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