What does it really mean to FOCUS?

How do you change the quality of your mind? First and foremost it is best to feed your mind with mental stimulation. Read something that you are interested in for about 30 minutes if not longer , everyday. Second, do some form of exercise everyday. By strengthening your body , your not staying stagnant. This is scientifically proven to instantly change your biochemistry. This means that now your mind and body are working together. Third, find something to do that is bigger then yourself a charity organization, a fundraiser; a life goal… something that you want to aspire to that is worth more then your fears or pain and suffering; it’s worth your power. Fourth, find a role model, if you find someone who is doing what you want to be doing, you can look up to that person. The thoughts become real, it becomes more realistic in terms of attaining what it is you want, then start making a plan and begin to take an absorbent amount of action on this plan. Fifth, help somebody who isn’t doing as well as you are, this will put your life into perspective and have you being grateful for everything that you have! Having a meaningful life is all about helping others, if you can’t help others your life won’t improve for the better , the whole idea is to spread the knowledge and wealth around in the universe. Lastly, have a life of meaning and purpose. Do something that helps people or yourself whatever it might be. Allow that to radiate love , caring , understanding , insight and growth. When your growing it’s because your doing something that has helped your growth. This means you have something to offer to others. Happiness comes and goes , meaning remains the same. Your life is rich when you can contribute to someone else’s happiness, no matter how much pain you had to have endured. It made you stronger and that is why you are you and not someone else. Tony Robbins states that the roadmap to success is focusing on thinking two ways, Independently and strategically. Is consistent success formula is based upon 4 key steps. 1. Know your outcome, 2. Get yourself to take action by deciding to do so. 3. Notice what your getting from your actions and 4. Change your approach if your not getting the right feedback or mentality you were hoping for. In order to attain personal power in your life, you need to focus on your mindset. This includes the way you feel, your goals, your actions, the decisions you make; then the analysis and modification of the results you have attained from these actions. Whatever it is your focusing on in your life; here is your solution. Make a decision that today, it is possible to make changes in your life ; this is because your past has nothing to do with your future self. Leave the past in the past!! Starting right now you can shape your destiny by deciding to be your own best ally! Forgive yourself for your past faults and now focus on solutions rather then problems. To clear the mindset of your problems you need to think about the solution 80 percent of the time and the problem a mere 20 percent if not less. By focusing on these beliefs of positive thinking, confidence, and persistence you need clarity.

How do you attain clarity? Start reserving time each day to just think. Ponder your ideas and your thoughts. Your success begins when you have a clear picture of what it is you want to attain. Next, you need confidence! Having the confidence in yourself to attain your goals is the best way to boost your self confidence right up; once the goals are attained!! Replace negative self talk or doubt with positive statements to boost your self confidence levels. Then, believing whatever it is you want to attain, will in-turn affect your behaviors and keep you determined. You get to decide what to believe about yourself. Then comes persistence, have a definitive purpose by knowing what it is you want to attain. Lastly “Wherever you are, Be There.” I’ll leave you with that for now 🙏

Love You ❤️

Laura Zukerman

Owner and Founder at The Goddess Bibles by Laura Zukerman

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