What are Crystals Exactly?

Crystals which are also known as crystalline solid, are solid materials that are arranged in a pattern that is sequential; that requires three spatial dimensions. What are crystals healing powers? They bring light and color to your overall aura and physical being in and of itself. They do this through the subtle bodily layers and the chakra system. They are also used in a grid pattern of sacred geometry. These grids will generate light and therefore expose the body to the multi faceted dimensions of understanding and awareness. Crystal healing is divine energy and light forces ; therefore when they align it creates the universal ground work for creation. Crystals are placed on chakras, different parts of the body that are aligned with your fundamental energy system. They create energy flow and bring balance to the person that is being healed. They are used to help purify this person from harmful or negative energy or influences. If you just hold the crystals in your pocket or when you are sick, this is when they have the most affect on the body. Chakras all have different colors aligned with the innate chakra you are dealing with. By aligning the crystals in the same form of colors and formation along the body, it can radiate a remarkable healing process. When you have crystals you must put them in salt water or cover them in table salt. This will override their vibrational frequencies to intervene on behalf of whomever is holding onto the crystals. Their vibrational frequencies are shape stimulated, which interlocks the earth energy field to the individual holding the crystal. The crystal can also align the human psychic or 6th (sixth sense) and maintain it through directing its vibrational energy fields. People practice crystal healing as an alternative to medicine, it is all about the balance of the mind and body. By integrating crystals into your life, you will be able to find that inner balance. Crystals have the ability to treat arthritis , insomnia, anxiety and depression. Some people who undergo crystal healing will come out of it saying they have an enhanced vitality and awareness of the body and mental state of being. Look up the crystals and their meanings!! It will be very beneficial for you to have them around!! It was all started in the Egyptian papyrus in 1600 BC. Throughout the centuries crystals have stayed as a healing mechanism for illness, rebirth and commemoration.

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Laura Zukerman

Owner and Founder of The Goddess Bibles by Laura Zukerman

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