What is the thing that holds you back the most from attaining what you want out of life?!

Well, firstly it’s fear. This is the driving force that is holding you back from attaining everything you want out of life. There might be the fear of what others might think of you. Or the fear of the unknown. Whatever it might be, it’s time to look towards success and move away from fear. There are choices we have in life, you have to live with your past; however, it does not define who you are. You make new choices everyday, these choices can define the new amazing you, that you are becoming! Whatever it is that is stopping you from attaining the life you want, let it all go!! It’s time to be brave. You have the choice to follow your dreams, whatever they might be! You have a choice to live out today and make it great. You always have a choice; when you make the right ones, the universe will reward you upon those actions! The power of choice- how do we obtain this power? Well, free will of course. There are infinite opportunities and challenges that life will throw your way , it is up to you to decide the best actions to take when you get these opportunities! Stop accepting whatever comes along and make a conscious effort to put in some more effort and attain what you really want out of life! Let’s activate ways to work with yourself in attaining what you want!! Or just getting out of your comfort zone. First, I want you to try something new. Something you have never done before. Second, make a plan for yourself and then follow it. Third , do something extremely slowly so it can be done in due diligence. Fourth, when facing a minor choice, face with hesitation. Fifth, act out of your character. Sixth, refrain from saying something you are tempted to say out load. seventh, do something that makes you feel insecure! This will literally take you out of your comfort zone and it is exercises to becoming the new you!! New formula for figuring out your life and I will end with this. E+R+O event plus response equals outcome! The outcome of any event is predicated on your response to the event , not the event itself. This is something you should keep in your mind always.

All my love ❤️

Laura Zukerman

Owner and Founder at The Goddess Bibles a Memoir By Laura Zukerman

Becoming Your Inner Goddess