There is enough abundance to go around in the Universe, we are one, we are not separate entities!

Here we are; at the forefront of a universal change in language and the way the world will now see things. Let’s begin : If you start cultivating the ideas and beliefs that we are one with the universe, that to achieve abundance , prosperity and success; you need to realize that we are all one with the universe. The universe has plenty of abundance and prosperity to go around, it does not need selfish people hiding secrets from others to obtain more wealth for themselves; that is simply not how the universe works! See by training your subconscious blue print at birth to change from these brain waves and ideas that were imprinted upon us at such a young age, we need to adapt to a new belief system and way of thinking. This will intern change your way of thinking , believing and manifesting whatever you want from the universe. If we are going to start a new era of manifestation and abundance power through the law of attraction; it is to be known that there is plenty to go around!! You don’t need to worry about scarcity or being selfish with what you have obtained. By being generous with what you know, your ability to help others prosper is the only way for the universe to flow with this enormous amount of abundant energy and the systems it creates. It can help you in all areas of your life, but you must be willing to follow the directions of how to go about manifesting. Once you tell yourself that your conscious mind is only your thinking patterns and beliefs on the surface. You can then attain the inner workings of your subconscious mind, what lies beneath. Through your subconscious mind, you can allow the abundance and prosperity and love to grow deep within your inner being, if you just let it. Our subconscious is afraid of change, so change that thinking and don’t be afraid of the changes that are going to occur! We are the creators of our own universe! After we put out into the universe what we want out of life, we are accepting this for ourselves. You must be accepting to this, otherwise the law of attraction will not work. The world would change overnight if people were to grasp onto the idea and knowledge that there is not you and I or you and me. We are one with the universe. Stop separating everything from each other. By creating oneness, the universe will flow freely and immaculately to create everything you have ever wanted. By doing this, you take the knowledge you have learned and you teach it to other’s and apply it to your own inner workings. You see the conscious mind is our awareness, it shows us the value of things. However our subconscious mind is the bodily functions, habits our higher intelligence levels. An example would be that a captain is the the conscious mind on a ship and the crew is the subconscious mind steering the ship. If you allow your subconscious mind to steer your thoughts in the right directions, you will have everything you have ever wanted. It is the only thing holding you back from true abundance. Those thoughts and beliefs that you were taught at a young age maybe age 6 that maybe you weren’t good enough or money doesn’t grow on trees. Well, if you reprogram this limiting beliefs, you will change your brain waves and slowly allow what you want out of life to manifest for you freely. Some people who go to psychotherapy want to be hypnotized into forgetting their blueprint from a young age. The idea isn’t to hypnotize you, it’s actually to de-hypnotize your brain from this limiting beliefs and factors. So now that you know what is really the root cause of why your not getting what you want out of life; it’s time to focus on the positives!! Here are the 5 ways to manifest and to do it right! First you must focus, decide what it is you want in your life and then apply it. You must be specific with these goals and have a clear vivid picture of what you want! The deeper you go, the more attaining that will come with it. Second, is to Boost! Boost your energy and emotion! Be in a strong positive emotional state and this will tap into your inner power, that will achieve the goals for you! Be the best version of you and illuminate creative visualization. Third, Release: like I said before, you must release those blocks from the subconscious mind that are draining you and not allowing you to accumulate what you want out of life! Release the attachment of limiting belief systems and allow for new neural pathways to develop in your brain. The fourth thing , gratitude!! I always say this but it really holds true!! It will increase your happiness, for what you are already grateful for. It will also allow new happiness to come into your life. What are you grateful for? Health, well being, relationships , a job , family, a roof over your head. Lastly, GO!! Take inspired action and a leap of faith and just go! Once you have a clear sign of what you want to attain, take that leap and go all in!! Trust your intuition and it will tell you what to do and what not to do. Happy manifesting!!

All my Love and Affection


Laura Zukerman

Owner and Founder at The Goddess Bibles A Memoir By Laura Zukerman

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